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Society Activities - Raising Awareness


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What We Do

We Publish

We have developed a "White Paper" which discusses our theories and approach, including our projected projects. Click "Read More" to download our White Paper. We will issue reports on our progress that will be available on this website. and issued to the media in the hope that they will be published there.

We Talk to Educators and Their Student Body

Since a major use for historical documentation is education, we spend a good deal of time with educators, explaining and working with them to integrate the history of the automotive industry into their curriculum. History, Political Science and Business study can benefit from the industry's history.

We Operate the Auto History Documents Library

I reaction to the problems we face, the Society has established a digital auto history documents library. The objective of this library is to create an archive of as much digital images of historical documents as possible.

The library already contains over 55 THOUSAND digital images. Working with our partner Wild About Cars, we have developed a process where we attract auto enthusiasts to donate digital materials.

We Sponsor Events

A good way to raise awareness is to become a sponsor of car and cultural events. After all, both venues contain people who have a vested interest in the retention of historical records and artifacts. The auto hobbyist is always seeking more information about their vehicle and what better place to find such data than the records of the industry and to also see restored examples of vehicles.

We Want Spokespeople Who Can Help US Raise the Issues

Those of us who are a member of the Society are always eager to talk about auto history and its significance to Michigan and the US, but we don't have the impact of people like Jay Leno, Ken Burns, Reggie Jackson, David Letterman, all of whom are car people who understand the significance of the Industry's history and the importance of of preserving it.

To download our Information Packet, click HERE.

To read more - Click HERE