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*What We're Preserving and How You Can Reference It

The Performance Car Chronicles are an example
of News Stories written by the Society's staff.

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The Society is dedicated to the preservation of automotive history. We’ve built an internet-based, digital document reference library with a primary intention to collect, organize, and permanently preserve all printed materials related to automotive history.

But how is this reflected in our website? Simply put, we have built reference sections that make it easier for you to peruse the materials we have. To do that we have built areas where we store the material – and where you can quickly find it. But for that to happen, it can’t hurt for us to explain each section and what you can find there. Know that some portions of the site are available to Society Members only. Should you join; you can see these materials as well.

The news section is where we store materials that our staff and others have written about automotive history, and it’s also where we might place a current news story that is relevant to automotive history. It is also where we store biographies past and present, racing history, and “living history” – stories about enthusiasts’ cars, and car meets. You might also find bloggers or links to sites covering past and present automotive activities, from racing to collecting. Our back issues of No Limits e-Magazine can be found there as well.

So if you want to see what we think is significant – past and present – about the automotive scene, the Latest News and Features section is a place to go. Click HERE” to go there. it will show you to all of the news and featured section categories.

If you want to see our latest blurb from No Limits Magazine Click HERE to go there. When you arrive you will see our current lead article from No Limits displayed.

Technical Information.
We call this section “Techipedia” because it is compiled/collected material about brands (such as Pontiac) and even by makes and models – or material collected by subject matter, like “Carburetors & Fuel Delivery” where the subject applies to more than one brand.

We call it "Techipedia" because, much like Wikipedia, it is material put together from multiple sources. The difference with what you may find is that painstaking effort has been made to make the material as accurate as possible, and much is backed up by reference material we have on the site (many times with links t that original source.

Remember, this is compiled material, where putting together diverse info makes sense. Some of it is in original format; some has been rewritten by the staff. Click HERE to go there.

Factory Advertisements, Brochures and Press Materials.
These sections are separate, but are all managed the same way. They are restored digital copies of the materials released by automotive manufacturers and specialty parts suppliers.

This material is presented by manufacturer or by make - as published – and is digitally restored to its original size and condition and can be downloaded in digital PDF format. Click HERE to go there.

We have already described the Magazine section in a previous article, but let us say that this collection is a separate Library of automotive magazines by title and year, then month. We are deep into this process, but we have only touched the surface of this huge collection with over 2,400 magazines and over 10,000 articles available. Click
HERE to go there.

The Digital Library.
The Library is the storehouse of original source material – in essence the documents we are charged by our charter to collect, digitize, and store. All are in PDF format and downloadable. Click
HERE to go there.

  • The Factory Advertisements, Brochures and Press Materials are part of the Library.

  • Photo Archive. Where we store, literally, “pictures” of automotive history seen through the eyes of professional and amateur photographers. This archive includes images of cars, buildings/structures, personalities, and auto-related events and activities. You may view and download these photos. Click HERE to go there.

  • Factory Published Materials.
    This section contains reprints of materials originally published by the Manufacturers (Factories) to assist you in the modification, repair, and enhancement of vehicles – for example, Assembly Manuals, Bulletins, Dealer Literature, Engineering Orders or Drawings, Parts Manuals, Service Manuals, and even Factory Performance Supplements.

The Society has already collected and digitized 250,000 pages of material. Please use this guide or just your curiosity and an active finger “click” to peruse the materials.

The Engines segment in the Tech Section is by brand. Here is an article on the Hudson race-prepared engines.

The Advertisement Section holds restored period Ads, like this one for the 1968 Oldsmobile 442.

Like the period Ads, the Brochures Section has restored and downloadable Brochures - this 1959 Dodge Brochure is quite impressive.

Press releases many times included photos - here a one for the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am

The Magazine Section features thousands of magazines. This March 1969 Car Life Cover brigs back the flavor of the times.

Among the Factory Publications are the Service Manuals.