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Lingenfelter Motorsports Car Collection - Brighton, MI


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 About the Lingenfelter Car Collection

Location: 7819 Lochlin Drive, Brighton, MI 48116
Phone: (248) 486-5342 x-10
Collection viewing hours: By appointment only
Admission: Contact for information

Real estate executive, Ken Lingenfelter, sold his title insurance company at the height of the property market boom, 2003. That same year his cousin, John Lingenfelter, founder of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, died of injuries sustained in a drag-racing accident.

John's brother convinced Ken to purchase the family business. The Lingenfelter Motorsports car collection was moved to Brighton, MI, while the LPE engine-tuning and specialty vehicle division remained in Decatur, IN.

The Collection consists of 200 very special vehicles. The continually evolving group of cars is roughly made up of 40% Corvettes, 30% classic and modern muscle cars, and 30% exotic and super cars.

Housed in a warehouse located in an industrial park in suburban Detroit, the collection is opened to the public several times a year.  The warehouse also hosts several charity and fund-raising events every year. Call for an appointment.