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Kansas Auto Racing Museum - Chapman, KS


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 About the Kansas Auto Racing Museum

Location: 1205 Manor Drive, PO Box 549, Chapman, KS 67431
Phone: (785) 922-6642
Museum Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm; Sundays by appointment only.
Admission: Adults $10; 17-5 $6; under 5 y.o. free

The museum is located one-half mile south at EXIT 286 off I-70 in the middle of Kansas at the small town of Chapman. The 21-acre museum complex is the doorway into the local community. The museum is also the launch point for the Joe Engle Chapman Historic Trail Walk. The trail walk enables visitors to enjoy a combination nature walk and scenic walk that can extend for over 3.6 miles, and include visits to two historic sites on the National Registry

The museum is home to the first NASCAR trophy, which was won by Jim Roper of Halstead, KS on June 17, 1949 at the Charlotte Speedway. The museum also features restored race cars from seven different eras, video Play Stations, rare film footage, photographs and its own private viewing theater for race film highlights from competition venues located throughout the Midwest.