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Monday January 6, 2014
Colin Braun's Hot '72 VW, 1971 Olds W-43 4-Valve Makes 550 HP, 1963 Mercury's 427 Marauder Test - and More!

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Today's Story -
Racer's Rides - What do these two cars have in common?  
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Colin Braun's Rides

The record-setting Eco-Boost Michael Shank Racing Riley Ford and this highly modified 1972 VW aren't expected to go head to head anytime soon . . . but they do have the same driver - Colin Braun.

Best, Colin gets a similar charge from driving both of them.
It's a great little ride, Colin.

(BTW, the VW has a lot more in the engine compartment than
what Volkswagen stuffed in there back in '72. Read the story
to find out what it's packing).

by Wild About Cars Staff

What do these two cars have in common? That they're both rear engined? Well, yeah. That they are not V8 powered? OK, true. But that isn't the story at all. You see, the guy who drove that Eco-Boost Michael Shank Racing Riley Ford to a Daytona International Speedway 1-lap record of 222.971 mph owns that VW (he has since he was 11 years old) - and he restored and modified it from a total '72 stocker to what you see here.

Colin Braun is the driver of that record setting car, and you are going to see him compete with it in the new TUDOR United SportsCar Racing Series this year. But the other side of Colin is that; he's a real nice guy, and aside from his first love of racing - he's a bona fide car nut.

I mean, how many of us have done this: Buy a car with the intention of restoring it, then it sits for a long while, and then you get crazy to finish it and with the help of your friends - you make it ten times better than the Factory ever expected it to be. That's Colin and that why we know he's one of us.

Colin Braun technically acquired this 1972 Volkswagen Beetle in 1994 when he was all of six years old. A friend of his parents owned a Volkswagen dealership and had this car on his lot for about six months, but could not sell it. The dealership owner knew that Colin and his younger brother were huge fans of the Beetle, so he decided to give it to them as a gift . . .

That's where the story starts. To read the whole deal on how this hot little VW got its game on - Click HERE!


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