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Friday January 17, 2014
Fast Friday: Olds Quad 4 Story, Barracuda & 442 Tests, Mustang & Pontiac Ads - and Much Much More!

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1988 Oldsmobile Quad 4 Exposed.  
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Olds Quad 4

The 1991-1993 W41 was the highest output Quad 4
and was only available in the Oldsmobile family of cars.

by Wild About Cars Staff

25 Years Ago Oldsmobile introduced the Quad 4 - a superbly modern DOHC 4 cylinder. With direct port injection, computer controls for timing and fuel delivery, it precursored all the things we take for granted in 21st Century auto engine. But it was a very radical approach at the time, and it was so good - it appeared in all of GM's cars except for Cadillac.

And it was a hot rod - with 4 into one exhaust headers and a very free flowing intake. Delivering 180 PHP from 2.3 Liters (consider, it would have produced over 350 HP in 5.0 L V8 form which was considered), the engine produced very lively performance in from the day it was produced until production ceased in 2002. An Olds only W-41 version generated 190 HP for the Olds Acheva SCX.

The Quad 4 also powered the Olds record-breaking Aerotech.

First released to the public as regular production option for the 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais and Pontiac Grand Am, the engine's availability expanded to Buick in late 1988 and Chevrolet in 1990, after which it became a mainstay in GM's lineup.

And as a little sidebar - just know that the heritage of the Quad 4 goes all the way back to the Olds OW 43 developed in 1971!

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1965 Barracuda test 1965 Plymouth Barracuda S Road Test!

Check out what Motor Trend Magazine had t say about the new Barracuda S, who's performance matched the Mustang's 225 HP V8 - but not the Hi-Po 289. Barracuda always seemed a step behind - until 1967, when the game changed for Plymouth.

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1966 Tri-Carb 442 Test 1966 Oldsmobile 442 Tri-Carb Road Test.

The 1966 442's Tri-Carb was misidentified as "Tri-Power in this Car Life article, but the test was glowing regardless - too bad that by the time it came out, the 1967's were on the way and the multiple carb setup was no more . . .

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1957 Pontiac Ads   1957 Pontiac Catalina Ad "Presenting the surprise package of '57".

The redesign of the 1957 Pontiac was a master stroke. Not only did they remove the last vestiges of the stodgy Pontiac look, but they still managed to keep the car recognizable as a Pontiac . . .

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1964 Mustang Convert Ad   1964 Mustang Ad "Mustang hits the starting line full bore!".

Ford pulled out all the stops when they introduced the Mustang in April of 1964, with ads showing the low price, the sportiness, room and fun factor, but this ad really hit home - including introducing the Mustang Convertible. Don't you just want one - looking at this Ad?.

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Dick Lackey's GTO   Dick Lackey's 1970 Ram Air IV GTO - a rare beauty that was built to fly.

By the time the third and current owner, Dick Lackey, purchased the GTO in the spring of 2009, it still featured the highly coveted factory-installed engine, complete with all of its original, date-coded component pieces . . .

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The 1962 Dodge SS
  Ramchargers Stories - from Mike Buckel Part 07: Spring & Summer 1962!

The racing in the spring of '62 predated the construction of the factory max wedge cars so we began the season with the short long ram manifold cut into the fender splash shields and the old terrible Chrysler 3-spd manual transmission (from their 1961 car). Our first appearance was at Detroit Dragway where the '62 car ran 5mph faster than the '61 car as demonstrated in California . . .

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