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Monday January 20, 2014
Boyd Coddington's "Lead Zephyr", 1968 Z28 vs. Tunnel Port 'Stang, 1951 Jaguar C-Type, 2009 Corvette ZR1 Foldout Brochure - and More!

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Today's Story -
The "Lead Zephyr" - a 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Inspires Boyd Coddington  
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Boyd Coddington Lead Zephyr

The Lead Zephyr was inspired by Terry Cook’s Lincoln Zephyr
coupe, better known as “Scrape,” which sold for $275,000
at an RM Monterey Auction in 1998.

by Boyd Coddington, Jr.

After a brief hiatus, Boyd Coddington’s return to custom car building in 2001 was heralded by a unique custom, better known as "Lead Zephyr."

This radically smoothed take off on a 1938 Lincoln Zephyr that you see here was designed by Eddie Wimble from London England. Though built from scratch, because of its close relationship to Lincolns built in 1938, it became known as the "Led Zephyr". Boyd was inspired by Terry Cook’s Lincoln-Zephyr coupe, better known as "Scrape", which sold for $275,000 at an RM Monterey Auction in 1998.

My father, Boyd Coddington, Sr. began the build with a newly built Art Morrison Chassis. Once at the shop, dad’s crew bolted up a Boyd Coddington front and rear independent suspension. To get the car on the ground, an air suspension system was fabbed in, being necessary to get that "slammed" look the car required.

The all-brass grille was completely hand fabricated by Eddie Wimble - taking nearly 600 man hours to complete. And to help bring everything to a stop, Wilwood Engineering brakes were used, and bolted to them are Boyd Coddington one-off wheels mounted on Goodyear tires . . .

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