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Friday January 24, 2014
Fast Friday: Radical 1963 Riviera Stuns Public, Corvette & 427 Ford Tests, Camaro & Dodge Charger Ads - and Much Much More!

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1963-65 Buick Riviera - Much More than a Styling Exercise.  
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1963 Buick Riviera Intro Ad

From the famous 1963 Riviera Ad:
"Should you have a pilot's license before you buy a Riviera?"

1963 Buick Riviera Intro Ad

The 1965 Riviera Gran Sport had special equipment & 360 HP!

by Wild About Cars Staff

The Riviera name first emerged in Buick back in 1949 as the two-door pillarless hardtop. The Buick Roadmaster Riviera coupe and the Cadillac Coupe de Ville and Oldsmobile 98 Holiday coupe were the first use of this body style in GM, and would become very popular over the next 30 years.

From 1951 thru 1959, the "Riviera" nameplate was used to designate the highest-end Buicks. However, something else was running as an undercurrent in GM in the late 1950s, where GM began to feel the need for a personal luxury car to compete with the highly successful Ford Thunderbird four-seater introduced in 1958.

The design that would become the first Riviera was created as a Cadillac model, called the XP-715, and was considered being called "LaSalle", after Cadillac's "companion" car of the 1930s. The Riviera's styling was reportedly inspired by GM styling chief Bill Mitchell's visit to London during the period, when he was struck by the sight of an elegant, custom-bodied Rolls Royce in the fog. He later said that "knife-edged" styling was what he wanted for the new model, but with a lower profile and a bit of Ferrari thrown in. The design itself was penned by stylist Ned Nickles.

The significance of the production Riviera was that it did not share its body shell with any other GM model, unusual for a GM product of the time. The Riviera's wheelbase was 117" and its overall length was 208", 6" shorter than a Buick LeSabre, but slightly longer than a Thunderbird. It weighed in at 3,998 lbs., which was about 390 pounds lighter than the T-bird.

The Riviera was introduced on October 4, 1962 as a 1963 model, with the 325 hp 401 cu in "Nailhead" V-8. The only available transmission was Buick's "Turbine Drive" automatic. Its base price was $4,333,but with typical options, it was priced close to $5,000.

Total production was deliberately limited to 40,000 vehicles to emphasize its exclusivity and to increase demand; however only 2,601 Rivieras were delivered with the 425 cu in engine in the 1963 model year . . .

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1965 396 Corvette test 1965 396 Corvette Road Test!

Check out what Car Life Magazine had t say about the radical change the Corvette lovers were presented with in 1965 - the big block option, based on the new 396 V8. Never before had there been an engine larger than 327 cubes in the 'Vette - and certainly not one with 425 HP! Many saw it as sacrilege - others licked their chops. Car Life was surprised . . .

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1965 Ford 427 Test 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 427 Road Test.

Hot Rod Magazine and Car Life Magazine tested the 1965 Galaxie XL 500 427 BITD. OK, it's a huge car, it's filled with opulent options, so it's a slug, right? WRONG! Hot Rod got a 14.43 out of it on street tires, and Car Life managed a 14.9 in totally stock trim. In Drag race trim a similar car ran 12.77. . .

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1970 Camaro Introduction Ad   1970 Camaro Introduction Ad "Now our competitors know how the captain of the Titanic felt".

The new Camaro was a much anticipated introduction, not occurring until mid-year 1970. The styling blew everyone away, but there was no convertible! It didn't deter the Camaro fans and new it made many converts to the Camaro cause. The body style lasted 11 years, so GM must have got something right . . .

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1964 Mustang Convert Ad   1966 Dodge Charger Ad "New leader in the Dodge Rebellion".

Dodges for 1966 had plenty of performance packed in - including the new Street Hemi, but their styling, while crisp, was anything but racy. Fastback styling was the rage and even lowly AMC had the stylish new Marlin - what to do? Well, the answer was to "fastback" the Coronet and call it the "Charger" The rest is history, as they say . . .

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Tom Kelly's 1970 442 W-30   Tom Kelly's W-30 1970 Oldsmobile 442 - From racer to driver a not too common path.

Few cars follow this route, as we all know. Usually they go from driver to race car, and that's the way they stay. Many more start out as race cars, and disappear into the sunset when their career is over. Tom Kelly's car went the other way, and we are all better served for it . . .

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Dalton Baldwin
  Race News - Dalton Baldwin represents Children's Dream Racer at Daytona's UNOH Battle at the Beach!

Children's Dream Racer is an entertainment platform designed to provide diversion for children from the anxiety of Hospital doctors' visits. Each dream racer looks and feels like a real race car and is equipped with a flat panel TV, CD/DVD player, a Play Station or Xbox. 19 year-old Dalton Baldwin participates in the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour . . .

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