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Monday January 27, 2014
The Ramchargers 1967 Dart Funny Car, 1963 Chrysler 300J Test, 1969 4-Porsche Test, Rolex 24 @ Daytona Results - and More!

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Today's Story -
Ramchargers Stories - from Mike Buckel
Part 22: The Ramchargers New 1967 Dart Funny Car
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The Ramchargers' 1967 Dart AFX

The new 1967 Dart funny car used a "torque-reaction cancellation" chassis with a separate drive train sub frame that could pivot
from the other chassis.

The Ramchargers later supercharged the engine and it
stressed the rest of the drive train to its limit.

by Mike Buckel - an original Ramcharger

Engine durability became an even bigger issue as we moved into the ’67 Funny Car season. The Ramchargers were running straight Nitro with a touch of Hydrazine, 50 degrees of spark lead and 11.5:1 compression, the same as what we had been running in the ’66 car. By the end of racing on Sunday afternoon four to six cylinders were blowing blue smoke.

Upon disassembly the pistons in these cylinders had the top ring stuck in the groove. There was no sign of heat damage or scuffing. We concluded that the firing pressure was sufficient to yield the piston top and you should know how stout Hemi pistons are. The problem was a minor issue with the ’66 car but greatly escalated with the ’67 car. The outstanding chassis in the ’67 car allowed more time at full throttle as shown by the higher speeds and the piston damage.

Dan Knapp, the key guy on the dragster, had been telling us for more than a year to put on a blower. Since virtually every body we were running except the Comets were by now supercharged it became more acceptable to try out this combination.

Tom Hoover began collecting parts in May and, as typical, put together a trophy engine. The combination was 484 cu. in. using a Moldex crankshaft with 8.5:1 compression, which was very aggressive at that time . . .

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2014MPMC Meeting
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