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Monday February 3, 2014
Boyd Coddington's "Silver Bullet", 1964 Corvette Test, 1987 GN vs Mustang, 1941 Lincoln Continental, Pat Garlits Passes - and More!

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Today's Story -
Boyd Coddington's 1929 Ford Roadster “The Silver Bullet”.
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Boyd Coddington's Silver Bullet

As you can see, a traditional hot rod stagger is
compliments of the front's six-inch drop axle.

Boyd Coddington's Silver Bullet

Boyd gave the Silver Bullet traditional hot rod looks with a
modern twist. One can say that this is the car that launched him.

by Boyd Coddington Jr.

The Silver bullet was built in our one-car garage in Cypress California in 1977. At the time, my dad worked the graveyard shift as a machinist at Disneyland. I was nine years old when my dad started the project, but I can remember each stage of the build from start to finish like it was yesterday.

I contribute a lot of that memory - to the fact that when the build gained momentum and really started going together, it was summer, and school was out. I was at the age where my dad dragged me everywhere he went. And I'd like to say that it was about the time my own street rod career began.

Of all the many hot rods to follow the Silver Bullet, I can’t remember another hot rod that my dad and I would just jump into and just cruise around. The days of growing up when the Silver Bullet was being built will remain as some of my fondest childhood memories.

The Specs.
The Silver Bullet is a true piece of Boyd Coddington history. This 1929 Ford Roadster is all steel and is a combination of traditional styling, contemporary rodding, and what was the beginning of the “Boyd Look” -and my Dad's innovation, including the smooth body, and the hand-fabricated frame.

My dad’s good friend and master fabricator “Lil John” Buttera built the rails to fit the Roadster's lines. All seams were filled and the fender wells were smoothed. Dad fabricated the cowl to be able to fit a one-piece windshield.

A 33 Chevy dash was used to fit digital gauges which went into a machined aluminum insert that was machined by my dad on his favorite Bridgeport mill at the time. Taillights are the markers from a Chevy pick-up.

Starting with a Corvette center section and J&J hub carriers, dad built his own independent rear, making the unique half-shafts himself. A traditional hot rod stagger is compliments of a Halibrand wheels and the front's six-inch drop axle and Super Bell discs . . .

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