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Friday February 7, 2014
Fast Friday: Detroit Auto Show, '68 Cyclone Test, '67 Chevy SS Brochure, 1976 Ram Rod W-31 Omega - & Much More!

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Detroit's North American Auto Show - Hits it Big!
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2015 Mustang at NAIAS

The all-new 2015 5.0 Mustang with two friends..

1970 Dodge Challenger Hemi

Dodge thought it apropos to bring out a blast from the past,
this 1970 Challenger. Powered by a Hem - of course!

by Eric White, Wild About Cars Feature Writer

There are two shows at the North American International Auto Show, but they don’t take place simultaneously. The differences are minuscule, and unless you attend both the Press Preview and the official public show a week later, you will not be able to detect a difference. The first hoopla is set up and presented to the world’s press corps.

This party is replete with all the special one-off, worldwide introduction, concept vehicles that make up such a large part of the media’s coverage. This is the world of press conferences and VIP interviews. Once the press guys pack it in and move on to the next auto show venue, and all of the local and national dignitaries (Vice President Biden flew in this year) have made their much publicized runs through the maze of displays, some of these one-of-a-kind vehicles are packed up and transported to the next scheduled major carnival.

Back at the Cobo Convention Hall in Detroit, cars are shuffled around a little bit. A few now empty turntables are populated with lesser displays. Perhaps these repopulated turntables now feature sneak peaks of next year’s production offerings. Some vehicles may be special editions of the current showroom fare. Still more may be exclusive paint and interior dressings of a contemporary model. This is the second show. This is the public show.

In the greater scheme of things, these now absent, exclusive concept vehicles are not great in number—perhaps less than half dozen all told. But when Joe Schmo pays his hard earned cash to get to downtown Detroit, pay up to $20 to park his five year old peoplemobile for a few hours, shell out another $18 for an entry ticket, and dish up a few more bucks for eats during his visit, he’s looking at a good chunk of his monthly entertainment cache for what turns out to be a slightly less than advertised show.

Perhaps this step-down phenomenon is a result of over booking. It’s probably a supply and demand thing. There are nearly seventy Auto Shows presented around the country between October and May. Every auto show in the world wants these spectator-generating vehicles on their show floor. So many shows, so few concept cars . . .

To Read more about the 2014 NAIAS- Click HERE!

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1968 Mercury Cyclone GT Test

1968 Mercury Cyclone GT Grows Up!

Monday we featured the perky 1964 289 cu. in Cyclone - Today we feature that car on steroids! Car Life tested the 428 1968 Cyclone GT in their July 1968 issue. They said: "The Cyclone is a big heavy car, but the 428 Cobra Jet is more than enough for the job." The 3-speed auto equipped 428 took the heavy (4000 lb.) car through the quarter in 14.40 @ 99.44!

Click here to read more about the 1968 428 Cobra Jet Cyclone!

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1966 Plymouth Street Hemi Test 1966 Street Hemi Road Test!

The impact that the Hemi had an immense impact on the racing community from its introduction until it was phased out is history, but most will admit that it was the Street Hemi that resonated more with the average enthusiast back in the day. When Car and Driver tested the 1966 "Streeter" they were blown away. Chrysler did a wonderful job of making a race designed engine useable in everyday driving createing some "Hot Ones" . . .

Click Here to read this awesome Hemi road test!

1967 Chevy Super Sports Brochure 1967 Chevrolet Super Sports Brochure.

Chevrolet had just introduced the Camaro, but they didn't want their other sporty models to fall out of the limelight, so they produced a brochure featuring all the SS cars they offered - including the Corvette. We're guessing that while the Corvette wasn't a "SS" Chevy didn't want anyone to think a 417 Vette didn't fall in the "sports" category - Duh. Anyway, this was the first, but not the last SS catalog Chevy would produce . . .

To see the 1967 Chevrolet SS Brochure - Click HERE!

Hot Stuff from Wild About Cars!
1976 Omega Gets W-31 Power "Ram Rodding" a 1976 Olds Omega - circa 1985!

In the 80s we didn't have a lot of Factory performance to choose from, so enthusiasts went back to hot rodding's roots - slap something with some "giddy up" in a grocery getter. The project car shown here wasn't an 11.80's Cutlass, but it wasn't a slouch either. It left the factory as a 260 V8 SX, but the shot at left should indicate, the 260 doesn't provide the SX's locomotion any more . . .

To read about the W-31 engined 1976 Omega Project - Click HERE!

Stephen Stanley's 1953 Ford Stephen "Steamer" Stanley's 1953 Ford Sedan Delivery - a 15 year restoration, but well worth it!

Stephen purchased this 1953 Ford Sedan Delivery in 1984 from the original owner, who used it to deliver tea in San Francisco. The cost was . . . $750.00. This was a heater delete model with a 6 cylinder, 3 speed column shift, no clock, no radio and only one sun visor. A basic model that was popular with fleet managers and tradesmen . . .

Click here to read about this super beautiful 50s Ford!

Evernham Returns to Hendrick
Race News - Ray Evernham leaving TV booth to return to Hendrick Motorsports

Former three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup-winning crew chief Ray Evernham has left his gig as an ESPN personality to rejoin Hendrick Motorsports in an advisory role. Evernham won the 1995, 1997 and 1998 titles with Jeff Gordon before abruptly leaving late in 1999 to work on bringing Dodge back into NASCAR's premier series . . .

CLICK HERE to read about Ray's Accomplishments at Autoweek Magazine.

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