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Friday February 14, 2014
Fast Friday: Taping Helps Auto Design, '70 442 W-30 Test, '58 Plymouth Brochure, '56 356 Porsche, Sinkhole Eats Corvettes - & Much More!

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Ford Designers & Modelers Use "Tape" Throughout Styling Development
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2015 Mustang takes shape

As clay prototypes are created, designers take tape to the clay
to show modelers the lines they want perfected on the car.

Taping Subtle Changes

Subtle changes are denoted or a body line emphasized.

by Ford Motor Company - use with permission

Tape is not just for wrapping presents. Ford designers rely on low- tech tape to hone the styling of any new vehicle.

  • Americans rely on tape to complete their gift wrapping, but auto designers use it to perfect vehicle styling
  • Ford designers and modelers communicate with each other by placing tape on clay vehicle models to mark where details need to be refined
  • Tape is a critical tool in the design process that leads to development of any new vehicle. It provides precision and a life-size visual that cannot be replicated, despite advancements in digital technology

The design process of a vehicle is a long and artistic journey that begins with designers sketching ideas on paper. From there, the team moves to scaled-down clay models and 3D CAD drawings, eventually milling full-size clay vehicles to analyze body styling options. Clay is the ideal material for vehicle models as it allows the modelers to carve away or add lines and accents.

As clay prototypes of new vehicles are created, designers take tape to the malleable material to show modelers the lines they want perfected on the car. Designers and modelers use tape this way to communicate with each other throughout the design process of all Ford cars and trucks.

"Great design is about proportions," said Kemal Curic, Ford exterior design manager.

"From the beginning, we need to focus on creating the right structural lines – the skeleton of the car. Then our job is to tailor the vehicle body to enhance the figure. This is a process of editing every single line to find the perfect balance of concave and convex angles. We achieve this on the clay model, and tape is what we use to decide which lines to move." . . .

To read more about tape & design - Click HERE!

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1970 442 W-30 Test

1970 Olds 442 W-30 Road Test!

Car Life said: "If we had a getaway to make, we'd do it in a W-30 442." Olds called their '70 cars "escape machines", and nothing qualified more that the '70 W-30. Tested in their March 1970 issue, the authors waxed on and on about the straight line performance - but the handling - oh wow! "olds is about 2 years ahead of Buick and Chevrolet when it comes to making the A-body handle." And a 3.42 geared version ran through the quarter in 14.36 @ 100.22!

Click here to read more about the 1970 Olds 442 W-30!

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1970 SCCA Corvette Exposed 1970 Owens-Corning Fiberglass SCCA A Production Corvette Exposed.

For 1969 Chevrolet introduced the L-88 performance package for road racing customers. Finally, the Corvette had the punch to go with the rest of the goodies provided for those who took their cars from the street to the track. Of course, the L-88 would grow to 454 cubes for 1970 and Car Life took their readers through what the Owens-Corning team had done in 1969 to secure the SCCA Championship . . .

Click Here to read about the Owens-Corning Corvette

1958 Plymouth Brochure 1958 Plymouth Prestige Brochure.

Plymouth had introduced their dramatic new styling for the 1957 model year and 1958 was a refinement. Among the additions was quad headlights and even more prominent fins. Big news was that the Fury was its own model and could be had with 305 horses under the hood . . .

To see the 1958 Plymouth Brochure - Click HERE!

Hot Stuff from Wild About Cars!
1976 Omega Gets W-31 Power Car Show News - 2014 Grand National Roadster Show!

This year marked the 100th celebration of all things that race on the dry lake beds. Salt or dirt, it didn't matter. There were prime examples of numerous land speed record holders from El Mirage to Bonneville. 400 mph records on land seems a bit crazy and quite mind boggling when you’re standing next to these engineered land missiles. The quest for speed never rests . . .

To read about the Show - Click HERE!

Jack Walter's 356 Porsche Jack Walter's 1956 Porsche Carerra - a piece of Dean Jeffries history!

By 1957 Dean Jeffries had established himself as a talented custom painter working in the Los Angeles area. He was renting a garage space from George Barris and would apply his talents to many of the cars that rolled through Barris’ shop. Jeffries painted projects such as the Dream Truck, the Aztek, and James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder during this tim,e but he wanted to be known as something more than a painter . . .

Click here to read about this beautiful '56 Porsche 356!

Sinkhole eats 8 Corvettes
News - Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum eats eight rare 'Vettes!

A giant sinkhole has consumed eight Corvettes displayed at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. The museum is located near the Bowling Green Assembly Plant where Corvettes are built, and it features roughly 80 vehicles. The 40-foot-wide sinkhole, better than 30 feet deep, opened at roughly 5:44 a.m. Wednesday. Fortunately, no one was harmed in the incident . . .

CLICK HERE to read about this tragedy in Autoweek Magazine.

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