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Friday February 21, 2014
Ramchargers '67 Dart Funny Car Roars, '72 Camaro Z28 Test, '67 427 Fairlane Test, '87 GNX vs Callaway 'Vette, 2nd Daytona Duel a Crash Melee - & Much More!

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Ramchargers Stories from Mike Buckel: the '67 Dart Funny Car Roars!
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A 1967 Dart Can Fly

The famous Richmond "wheelie".
Buckel said; "All I saw was sky!"
No kidding.

The 67 Dart under way

The Ramchargers 1967 Dart Funny Car - a supercharged, fuel injected, nitro burning terror!!

It shed transmissions, prop shafts, and went sky high -
but did it ever run!!.

by Mike Buckel - reprint with permission only

The ’67 Funny Car with the supercharged Hemi engine was clearly the class of the field. By mid-season we were running the car 3 to 4 times a week, which does not give much time for maintenance. The routine became one night in the garage with me checking the bearings while the other guys swapped out the transmission and washed the Nitro-gel out of the oil pan.

The transmission would go to Roger Lindemood, of Color Me Gone fame, for a rebuild. It would get fresh high gear clutches, a new kick down band and every other rebuild the kick down carrier was rebuilt with new pinions, bearings and shafts. Then off to the races again.

We became involved in a touring Funny Car show that ran all over the mid-west on Tuesday nights. We went as far away as St. Louis and Paducah, KY. My neighbor was flying a Cessna Skylane and took us to the races after work and back home again in the wee hours of the morning. Butch, our hired truck driver and mechanic met us at the track and took the rig back home.

One of the races was in Gary, IN where I put away Stone, Woods and Cook in the final. All seemed normal during the shutdown, we loaded up, went home and did not even take the car off the trailer.

On Thursday we were on the way to Motor City Dragway, north of Detroit, for a test session. When we came out of the restaurant after breakfast, Dick Jones says, “Why is there transmission fluid all over the deck of the trailer?”

Looking underneath the car disclosed that there was no prop shaft, the transmission tail shaft housing was broken and one of the subframe members was missing.

So Jim Thornton went back to the garage to make a new prop shaft while the rest of us went to the track and changed out the tail shaft housing, having faith that the output shaft was not bent.  Because I did not know that the prop shaft left the scene, probably during shutdown, I have since been accused of being numb from the belly button, both ways.  Jim got a speeding ticket on the way to the track with the prop shaft . . .

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1972 Camaro Z28 Test

1972 Camaro Z28 Auto Trans Road Test!

Super Stock said: "All the good Z28 pieces, combined with the special M40 hi-stall automatic, make the Z28 more driveable and more consistent." The Super Stock staff immediately fell in love after the first 140 miles - mostly in the mountains. " . . . the overwhelming sensation was one of confidence in the capabilities of the car." They especially liked the automatic transmission as it added to the Z28's day to day driveability. And even with the auto trans and a low compression (9:1) 350, the car ran through the quarter in 14.74 @ 100.52!

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1966 427 Ford Fairlane Expo 1966 Ford Fairlane 427 Exposed and Tested!

For 1966 and 1967Ford wanted a smaller-lighter car to compete with the Plymouths and Dodges in NASCAR. You see, the MOPARs were riding on a 117" wheelbase and the Ford's were stuck with a larger and heavier Galaxie. Well, there was a simple solution - stuff the famous 427 side oiler in a Fairlane. So the 427 Fairlane was made available. As Hot Rod Magazine said "It's almost child's play to make a good run" . . .

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1987 Buick GNX vs Callawy Vette Modern Muscle - 1987 Regal Grand National GNX vs. Chevrolet Callaway Corvette Drag Test.

Interesting - mostly from the point of view that this test proves that the late 80s was when cars got interesting. Oh, there weren't that many hot ships in the US: the Buick GN & the GNX; the Mustang 5.0; and tuners were showing up with cars like this Callaway Corvette. Read how this test came out - you might be surprised . . .

To see the 1987 GNX vs. Callaway 'Vette Drage Test - Click HERE!

Hot Stuff from Wild About Cars!
Daytona Duel Crash Race News - Matt Kenseth wins first Daytona Duel; 2nd Race a Disaster!

Drivers in Thursday night's first Daytona 500 Duel remembered what happened in Saturday night's Sprint Unlimited and one of the Sprint Cup practice sessions, making the No. 1 qualifier a boring parade. However, unlike the first race, though, the second ended with a nasty, scary, multi-car crash that erupted. And shortly after the race, officials disqualified Kevin Harvick because his car ". . . exceeded the maximum split on the track bar". He will start the race.

To read about the Duels - Check out Autoweek Magazine!

Joe Palka's 1970 Challenger Joe Palka's 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T - Super Gorgeous!

Joe’s original intention was to just make the car into a nice driver, but because of the superior work done by the shop that did the paint and body work, Speedos Paint and Body, he ended up getting carried away.  Every nut, bolt, washer, sub-assembly, you-name-it was taken completely apart or off the car and then cleaned, refinished, restored, or replaced . . .

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