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Monday March 3, 2014
Jim Andrews' 218 MPH ZR-1 Corvette,'71 Boss 351 Test, '66 Buick GS, Last Real 300 - the "L", Kevin Harvick Dominates Phoenix - and More!

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Today's Story -
Jim Andrews' Killer 1994 Corvette ZR-1: This V8 went 218 MPH!
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Andrews-Lingenfelter ZR-1

James Andrews' 1994 C4 ZR-1 contains the engine used by
John Lingenfelter at Road And Track's 1998 "Fastest
Street Legal Cars in America" high-speed shootout.

Lingenfelter Signed ZR-1 V8

The 415 cubic-inch LT-5 engine. John Lingenfelter's
signature is visible just above the center of the photo
at the left end of the intake plenum.

by Wild About Cars Staff - reprint with permission only

In 1998, the late great John Lingenfelter personally prepared a Corvette C4 ZR-1 for the "Fastest Street Legal Cars In America" high speed shootout sponsored by Road and Track magazine. He was asked to bring a C5, which he did, but the C5s were very new then, and he actually wanted to win the event, so he asked the promoters if he could bring a C4 ZR-1.

The shootout featured such significant cars as the McLaren F1, Ferrari 550 Maranello, Ruf Porsche CTR 2, Hennessey Viper 600 GTS, and Toyota Supra Turbo, as well as the two Corvettes that John prepared. Mario Andretti drove all of the cars.

The C4 that John prepared performed amazingly. The car was naturally aspirated with the 32 valve LT-5 engine specially prepared with 415 cubic inches. As mentioned, John wanted to actually win the event, and he almost pulled it off. The ZR-1 clocked a top speed of an incredible 218 MPH, which was an amazing feat. It finished just a click behind the $1.5 million McLaren.

Which brings us to the featured car owned by James Andrews. Jim’s car was owned by high-speed junkie Sryantha Weerasuria, whom everyone calls “SW” for good reason. Anyway, SW owns Elite Motorsports in Austin Texas, has held many high speed records in mile events, and currently is running 1400 H.P. Lamborghini Gallardos with times approaching 250 MPH in the mile. SW purchased the engine that was in the 1998 high speed shootout car from Lingenfelter Performance and had them install it in Jim’s 1994 ZR-1. The job was completed in July 1999.

The most amazing part of the story is that the car was engine dynoed at 688 hp, but it is still very streetable. It can be driven with the air-conditioning running, and it does not overheat. Jim drove it from Wichita, Kansas to the Bloomington Corvette show in Champaign, Illinois last year. That’s an about 1200 mile round trip, and the car averaged 23 miles per gallon on the highway at 75 mph, with the a/c on.

And twenty years later, Lingenfelter 415 ZR-1's are still relevant in terms of performance. They are quicker 0-150-0 than a C6 ZR1, and that’s without a supercharger . . .

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