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Friday March 7, 2014
Fast Friday: SOHC Ford vs Hemi, Chrysler Crushing Viper Prototypes, '70 Buick Stage 1 Tests, '99 Mustang Cobra Exposed, Gene Horn's '67 442 - & Much More!

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SOHC 427 Ford versus 426 Hemi - Who Rules?
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1965 SOHC 427 at full song

The 1965 427 SOHC Ford at 6000 RPM
on the Dyno in NASCAR trim.

NASCAR 426 Hemi Cutaway

Cutaway of the Famous NASCAR Hemi in 1966.

by Wild About Cars Staff - reprint with permission only

Funny. Both engines were built for the same reason, and perhaps not what you think. Both were designed for NASCAR’s super speedways, the Ford SOHC in response to the Hemi, and the Hemi in response to the Ford 427 high-riser wedge. One became  the ultimate street killer motor and the other only powered drag race funny cars and rails – but both had huge influence on racing and performance.

Back in 1963, Ford’s 427 wedge rose to speedway prominence when Henry’s boys put together an all out program to dominate that venue. From a moderately successful 390 and 406 cu. in. high performance motor, the “side oiler” 427 became noted for solid horsepower and reliability. As a result of the GM withdrawal from sanctioned circle track racing, it left only the Mopars to challenge them and they did not meet the test, with Ford winning the manufacturer's cup by taking home 23 victories in that year.

Things were different on the drag strip, where lighter weight, a slick auto transmission and the 426 Wedge’s love for multiple carbs led them to dominance. As we've documented in our Ramchargers Series, Dodge and Plymouths owned the S/S ranks for that year. But the muscle car wars were yet to start and if you wanted the “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” mantra to work, you had to win in NASCAR. (More on Website)

We all know the myriad of street and drag race combos that the Hemi spawned, but what happened to the SOHC? Well, its cost forced into the hands of professional drag racers in both AA/Fuel and Funny Cars, where it held its own, but it would never see street action. That said, it’s even more important to compare the two – so here we go.

Let’s start by saying that the major magazines of the time researched the issue so we will be calling on them for reference – and we have those hard evaluations here – just click the links enclosed to read them first hand.

Since both were primarily designed for super speedways, the blocks are study pieces. Learning from Ford, Chrysler also cross-bolted the mains – easily done, since like Ford, the Mopar block was a deep skirt design. Due to the nature of where a Ford FE Series oils from, it is a “side oiler”, in that a special oil passage runs down the side of the block to feed the mains – directly from the oil pump.

On paper, the block specifications are almost identical with bore and stroke within a hundredth of an inch of each other. A sturdy forged crankshaft and heavy duty forged rods mate to lightweight pistons, have specs and main bearing size and width that seem to mirror each. These blocks were proven to survive in wedge configuration, and they went on to do so in their Hemi design . . .

To read more about the 427 SOHC Ford and 426 Hemi Comparo , Click HERE!

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Save this Viper from the Crusher

Guest Editorial - Chrysler Wants to Crush Viper Prototypes - What!

MSN Autos Editorial says it all. "Chrysler has ordered students of a small community college in Olympia, Wash., to destroy a Dodge Viper GTS Coupe. To mitigate lawsuits, Corporate lawyers say the mint condition example you see here with VIN number 4 is going bye-bye. Maybe it’s not that sad that this supercar, fatally injured-by-law, is meeting its inevitable demise. Wait, what are we talking about? Of course it’s that sad! Stop it Chrysler!"
Click HERE to sign the petition to stop this madness!"

Click here to read more about this travesty at MSN Autos!

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1970 buick gs stage 1 tests 1970 Buick GS 455 Stage 1 Road Tests!

Both Hot rod and Motor Trend Magazine tested the Buick GS Stage 1 in 1970. The title of Hot Rod's test was "Mr. Muscle of 1970" and Motor Trend's "Without a Taste of Geritol" (an energy tablet of the day). From it's 14.40 (3.42 gears) in Hot Rod to a 13.73 with a 4-speed and 3.64 gears - it was obvious this car could run. Motor Trend said of Buick dealers back in the day: "They've got a gold mine and don't know it". Those in know did. "When better cars are built, Buick will build them". No kidding.

Click Here to read about the 1970 Buick GS - Stage 1

1999 Mustang Cobra Exposed Modern Muscle - 1999 Mustang Cobra Exposed.

With the introduction of the "new edge" Mustang in 1999, came a new SVT Cobra. Though the New Edge design was for the most part a re-panelling of the old car it was considered a new model. The interior was similar to the 1998. Significant, however, was the independent rear suspension, unique to this Cobra and all others through the 2004 year (and, yes, returning for 2015) . . .

To see the 1999 Mustang Cobra Exposed - Click HERE!

Hot Stuff from Wild About Cars!
Ramchargers Dragster in 1967 Ramchargers Stories by Mike Buckel - 1967, A Good One for the Dragster!

The dragster also had a very good ’67 season.  This was the year that the slipping clutch was introduced.  The multi-disc unit, called Crower-glide, allowed dragsters to launch without slipping the tires causing ETs to fall.  Phil Goulet joined the team bringing his driver Chuck Kurzawa. The team survived on match races with the likes of Garlits, Kalitta, Ivo, Karamesines, Prudhomme or the Hawaiian . . .

To read about the 1967 Season for the Funny Car & Dragster - Click Here!

BGene Horn's 1967 442 Gene Horn's 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W-30!

Gene Horn's 1967 Oldsmobile 442 was bought new from Manchester Oldsmobile in Manchester, CT by a man named Dick Pedemont. Mr. Pedemont drove the car the three miles from the dealership to his house where he proceeded to remove the 400 cubic-inch engine and replace it with an Olds 425 with a dual quad (Carter AFB's) setup. On a summer night in 1973, Gene was hanging out with friends at Bess Eaton Doughnuts in Manchester . . .

Click here to read about Gene's beautiful '67 442!

Edelbrock Carb Deal
Hot Products - Still Happening - Edelbrock's Big Carb Deal!

Edelbrock is excited to kick off its annual "Big Carb Deal" consumer promotion. Participating consumers can get a free air cleaner assembly and fender cover when they purchase a new Edelbrock Performer Series or Thunder Series AVS carburetor between March 1 and April 30, 2014. Eligible purchases include any new Performer Series or Thunder Series AVS carburetor. PS, the "E-Street EFI Deal" promotion is also in place - visit Edelbrock NOW! .

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