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Monday March 10, 2014
Paul Tortorici's '71 442 W-30, '67 Royal Bobcat GTO '65 Plymouths, and '66 Comet Cyclone Tests, '00 Monte Carlo Pace Car - and More!

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Today's Story -
Paul Tortorici's 1971 W-30 is a Family Affair!
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Paul Tortoricci 71 W-30

An awesome picture of an awesome car.
Having the same car in one family has one great
advantage - you know its pedigree.

Paul Tortoricci 71 W-30

"In April 1975 my uncle was going to trade the car for a new
Monte Carlo. The Chevy dealer was only going to give him $1700.
I was very upset that he was selling the car so I asked my parents
if I could purchase the car."

by Bob Gerometta, Editor Wild About Cars -
reprint with permission only

Take a look at a car that has stayed in the family for 40 years since it rolled out of Lansing. It's a labor of love that has withstood the effects of time - and it's so dang lovely to look at! We'll let the owner tell much of the story - but I have an interesting twist to throw in at the end.

Paul Tortorici, the current owner, has kept this baby in pristine condition for 34 years - but it has always been in the family. He says: "This 1971 W-30 was purchased new by my uncle Paul in late June 1971 at Manor Oldsmobile in Massapequa, NY. Of course I was there the day he picked it up".

Acquiring a W-30 by this late in the 1971 year was no mean feat because, as we know, by that time, all W-30 production had ceased for that year and the factory had only made 810 of these puppies. So when you went hunting "back in the day" - you had to take what was available. The car had been consigned to a Chicago, Illinois dealer and was shipped back to NY to be sold.

Typical of muscle cars and W-30s in general, it was sparsely equipped, but it had the right pieces: power steering, bucket seats, console with Dual Gate, the rear wing,'and 4.10 gears. Paul's uncle added the usual aftermarket wheels, some decals, but basically left it pretty much stock.

Paul's uncle, who was also named Paul, drove the car, raced it, but generally took good care of it. He was fond of decorating it with decals and slogans, one of which was 'Paul's Olds'. He also used the Pontiac '455 HO' decals on the hood scoops. At one point '442' ended up on the rear quarters.

Our Paul T was only 13 when the car was purchased, but he always loved his uncle's car and dreamed that he would own it - or one like it when he got older. He enjoyed sitting in the 442, fantasizing that he owned it and was racing all the hot cars in the neighborhood.'

In 1975, that chance suddenly materialized, Uncle Paul decided it was time to buy a more practical car and was about to trade it in on a Chevy Monte Carlo . . .

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