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Friday March 14, 2014
Fast Friday: Detroit Autorama Coverage, '77 Trans Am, '65 Dodge 426, and '90 Corvette ZR-1 Tests, WAC & Goodguys Hook Up - and Much More!

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2014 Detroit Autorama - the Show Continues to Grow!
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1965 SOHC 427 at full song

Clarence "Slick" Patterson's 1939 Ford convertible was
the 2014 Detroit Autorama Preservation Award winner.
Car was originally built in the early 1950s.
(Eric White Photo)

The Gerber-Tracy Special

The Gerber-Tracy Special, was completely hand fabricated.
(Eric White Photo)

by Eric White Wild About Cars Staff - reprint with permission only

Ford is still reigning king in the world of pre-war hot rodding. Big surprise. Sure, nearly every make of automobile can be found on the floor of Detroit’s Cobo Convention Center during the weekend of Autorama, but Henry’s favorite remains the overwhelming choice when it comes to creating a classic depression-era rod. Exceptions to the rule are, many times extraordinary and sometimes extreme. A particular ’38 Chevy Master Deluxe 2-door sedan is the perfect example of the later.

Autorama Extreme continues to grow
Located, appropriately enough, at the main entrance to Autorama Extreme, the 1939 white with navy blue graphics Chevrolet behemoth, built by Tom Carrigan, is the very definition of doing it different. Nestled within the stretched frame is a 1,710 cubic inch displacement Allison V12 that would make Gen. Chuck Yeager and Jay Leno proud.

A Show of its own
Autorama Extreme is a show-within-the-show that takes advantage of the smaller, more intimate confines of the lower level of Cobo. This display area is limited to traditional hot rods, customs, motorcycles, and bikes. While a year span is not strictly observed, the compelling majority of vehicles displayed in this area are older than 1960. Rat rods and barn finds are welcomed.

This area exudes a different vibe from the main event carrying on upstairs (up escalator?). Even the hand-built, custom awards are unique to the extreme. Fancy carpeted, stanchioned displays are not required here. The lights are brighter, the ceiling is lower, and the room temperature is warmer.

Gene Winfield and several other artisans are happy to demonstrate the mysterious art of metalworking. Celebrities Linda Vaughn and Courtney Hansen were also spotted wandering amongst the rods and customs.

The Main Event & The Ridler Award
Meanwhile, on the upper, main floor, the 62nd Annual Autorama is going full blast. This is where the big bucks are! Stepping through the main entrance, spectators are gut-punched by the full-force effect of the Ridler Award competition. Only vehicles that are making their first public showing are allowed in this, one of the world’s most prestigious custom events. This year’s very deserving Ridler winner was JF Launier and his 1964 Buick Riviera-based "Rivision" . . . .

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1977 Firebird Trans Am Test

1977 Firebird Trans Am SE Road Test!

Auto Reports Magazine called it "The black and gold ego machine". They claimed that the spirit of the original GTO lived on in the Firebird T/A, but frankly, "spirit" was most of what lived. in the '77 Trans Am. Auto Reports said that the 400 cu. in. Pontiac V8 was rated at 200 HP and offered "spirited performance" that was "just short of astounding". They sum up their test with this: "The Trans Am SE is an enthusiast's automobile."

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1965 Dodge 426 Test 1965 Dodge Coronet 426 Road Test!

Motor Trend Magazine called the 426 Coronet "Super sleeper of the year." Why? Because Dodge added no special badging to the 426 engined Coronets for 1965. Dodge did it right, adding all the pieces to the performance package - HD suspension, 4-speed, and police brakes as part of the deal. "and perform it does", said Motor Trend, with a 15.7 1/4 mile. They concluded; "It takes a man to wake up Dodge's Super Sleeper." How times have changed.

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1990 Corvette ZR-1 Test Modern Muscle - 1990 Corvette ZR-1 Road Test.

AutoWeek tested the ZR-1 Corvette in their December 25, 1989 issue. They also indicated that the car was cloaked in "stealth bodywork." Like the Dodge tested above 25 years earlier, there was little to distinguish it from the mundane Corvette - and that pleased AutoWeek. However, they claimed it was not a daily driver - calling it an "expensive toy". Regardless, they loved it, saying: "chevrolet has created a devil" . . .

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Hot Stuff from Wild About Cars!
Ramchargers Dragster in 1967 Tim Arfons – Jet fuel runs deep!

Those of us who ever went to the drags or tractor pulls in the 60’s and 70’s are sure to remember the awesome jet cars of Art Arfons. His Green Monsters thrilled us for decades with his thrilling land speed record duels on the Bonneville Salt Flats with Craig Breedlove. What many of us didn't know is that his son – Tim Arfons has inherited the jet fuel DNA and then some. We were fortunate to speak to Tim and learn of his remarkable accomplishments . . .

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Marty Schorr's 2007 Corvette Marty Schorr's 2007 Chevrolet Corvette C6!

Marty bought his first Corvette, a restored, numbers-matching '67 Sting Ray convertible, in 1976, after he launched "Vette", the first regular-frequency newsstand publication for Corvette enthusiasts. The car had a 427/390 engine and four-speed, was finished in Marlboro Maroon, and had two tops, original side exhausts, black leather interior, F41 suspension, and even shoulder harnesses, and from that day on, he regretted being out of a Corvette . . .

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Edelbrock Carb Deal
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Wild About Cars & No Limits has teamed up with Goodguys Rod & Custom Association for a mutual promotional relationship. The Goodguys have over 20 events annually across the country from the coast to coast and border to border. Their events range from two-day affairs attended by 30,000 - 40,000 people to three day extravaganzas attracting over 100,000 auto enthusiasts. .

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