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Friday March 21, 2014
Fast Friday: Ethanol in Fuel - Why?, '65 Stang vs Cuda and '66 442 Tests, '03 Buick SLP Brochure, Awesome '69 Firebird Featured Car - and Much More!

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Ethanol in Your Fuel: Why You Should Care!
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Fueling Your Musclecar with Ethanol

Maybe you've glanced at the ethanol sign on the pump when
fueling, but do you know what that percentage means?

The Ethanol Possibilities

Untreated Fuel systems can get to look like this when
ethanol is used in older cars. Yuck!

by Royal Purple and Wild About Cars staff - reprint with permission only

What is ethanol and why is it in our gasoline?
Ethanol is a 200-proof grain alcohol typically derived from corn. It was first added to gasoline in trace amounts beginning in 1979. Today, nearly all gasoline pumped at gas stations across the country is a mixture of 90-percent gasoline and 10-percent ethanol or E10. Other common blends include E15, or 15-percent ethanol blended gasoline and E85, or 85-percent ethanol blended gasoline..

Common Ethanol Fuel Blends in the United States

  • E10 - The most common ethanol fuel blend in the U.S.; 90-percent gasoline, 10-percent ethanol.
  • E15 - Higher concentration of ethanol-blended gasoline; 85-percent gasoline, 15-percent ethanol.
  • E85 - Available only at select fueling stations across the country; 10-percent gasoline 85-percent ethanol.

Originally, ethanol was incorporated into gasoline as an environmentally-responsible and cost-effective way to reduce carbon monoxide emissions and boost octane.

Today, most modern cars do not need ethanol enriched fuels since they are manufactured with sophisticated systems that monitor and continually adjust engine operation to minimize emissions. Ethanol, however, remains a cost effective way for gasoline producers to reduce retail cost, achieve emissions targets and reduce dependence on fossil fuel-derived gasoline.

Ethanol’s Negative Effects
The effects of ethanol are not limited to gasoline powered cars, motorcycles and trucks. It can also damage occasional or seasonal items such as boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, generators and lawn equipment. As in alcohol, ethanol is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts and absorbs water.

When water is introduced into a vehicle’s fuel system it causes rust and corrosion to form on the metal surfaces of the fuel tank and fuel lines. Over time, tiny bits and pieces of corrosion break away from surfaces, and cause clogging of fuel injectors/carburetors, resulting in reduced performance, hard starts, and possible engine problems.

What you may not know is that the oxidation and emulsion effects of ethanol-containing fuel both begin from the moment the fuel is added to the car. This “aeration effect” occurs as you are filling your tank, introducing copious amounts of oxygen and moisture from the air . . .

To read more about the how you can minimize the effects of ethanol - Click HERE!

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Mustanf vs Barracuda

1965 Plymouth Barracuda vs. Ford Mustang Test!

It really wasn't a fair test - a Hi-Po 289 Mustang vs. a 4-bbl 273 Barracuda. Plymouth was just starting to understand that HP talks in the pony car wars and their best offering was not in the same ballpark as the Ford V8. Had they compared the 225 HP 'Stang vs the 'Cuda, the test might have been quite different. The good news was that Plymouth finally had as good handling as the Ford, and as a daily driver it was just right. Speed & Custom Magazine said: "Make up your mind post haste, because dealers are backed up to the roof with orders . . ."

Click here to read more about the Mustang vs Barracuda Test!

Courtney Hansen at Corvette Expo
The GM Photo Gift Store
Dick Miller Racing
Primer Podcast
GM Sport Salvage
Antique Chevy
Dean's Garage
1966 Olds 442 Test 1966 Oldsmobile 442 Tri-Carb Road Test!

Car Life Magazine was stunned - pleasantly so - when they tested the Tri-Carb 442, even though the magazine called it "tri-power". Their by-line was "Oldsmobile Meets the Challenge". What they meant by that was that Olds had moved up a performance notch and could now compete with the famous GTO on equal terms. A 14.8 @ 97 was the equal to the similar Tri-powered GTOs, and as was the deal in the day, Olds won the handling game hands down . . .

Click Here to read about the 1966 Olds 442 Tri-Carb Test

2003 Buick SLP Brochure Modern Muscle - 2003 Buick Regal GSX SLP Stage 3 Brochure.

Significant in the modern muscle era is that there have been some pretty hot FWD cars hitting the market. Sure, RWD is the best solution if you want to harness big HP, but Buick didn't have the G-body anymore, and they wanted to show that their V6 still had what it takes. They teamed up with SLP to produce some little known but hefty performers back in 1999-2004. These cars are capable of 1/4 mile times in the 13s!

To see the 2003 Buick SLP Stage 3 Brochure - Click HERE!

Hot Stuff from Wild About Cars!
1964 Rambler Tarpon Show Car How AMC could have been in the Pony Car Wars in 1965!

OK, we know that when AMC launched the Javelin, they made a hit with the pony car set - but wasn't known is that they had all the ingredients in 1964, but they didn't know it! Back then, a big hit on the show circuit was the Rambler Tarpon (shown at left). No it's not the Marlin, it was on the smaller American chassis - which put it in the Barracuda/Mustang sweet spot! AMC got great feedback, but they decided that youth and the economy car buyers wouldn't go for a sporty car - hence the Marlin - which while a winner in styling, was a sales bomb. If only . . .

To read about the Rambler Tarpon and the missed chance - Click Here!

hank Kollross's '69 Firebird Hank Kollross's 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible!

"I Didn't Want to be "Couped Up"says Hank Kollross when he talks about his Firebird. He began to search for another "fun" car back in 1990.He had a '70 Z/28 but it had one major flaw - it was a coupe. It seemed to him that all the convertible owners he met at shows were having more fun, so the search for a drop-top began. High on the list was that it be a GM F-body, preferably a Camaro, but he soon found out that any Camaro that was solid and in good running condition was priced out of his range . . .

Click here to read about Hank's awesome 1969 Firebird!

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Wild About Cars & No Limits has teamed up with Goodguys Rod & Custom Association for a mutual promotional relationship. The Goodguys have over 20 events annually across the country from the coast to coast and border to border. Their events range from two-day affairs attended by 30,000 - 40,000 people to three day extravaganzas attracting over 100,000 auto enthusiasts. .

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