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Friday March 28, 2014
Fast Friday: Marc White's 1967 Grand Prix, '67 Nickey 427 Camaro, '73 Trans Am SD 455, '2011 Mustang GT, Buick Experimental Engines - and Much More!

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Marc White's 1967 4-Speed Grand Prix Convertible
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Mark White Grand Prix

Marc White's rare, big prize (Grand Prix) led the way
in styling and luxury for Pontiac in 1967.

Grand Prix with a 4-Speed

Three pedals and a long stick in the console tells one that this
is a sporty, luxury car with a performance flavor

Grand Prix Hidden Headlights

This composite photo shows how the Grand Prix headlights
looked open and closed.

by Eric White Wild About Cars staff - reprint with permission only

The 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix convertible is a unique vehicle that introduced several firsts for Pontiac Motor Division. '67 is the first (and only) model year that Pontiac produced a drop-top GP. Of the 42,981 Grand Prixs built that year, only 5,856 were soft tops.

Among the three senior-size Pontiac models offering a convertible body style this year; the Catalina/2+2 and the Bonneville being the two others - the GP was the rarest and costliest. In fact, the only model that featured a higher base price than the GP convert in the 1967 Pontiac lineup was the Bonneville station wagon.

As it was since the inaugural year of Grand Prix production in 1962, the '67 version was based on the short wheelbase (121") Catalina-class body and chassis. As tradition also dictated, the GP was given its own special front and rear end styling treatments, setting it apart from the other large Pontiacs of that year.

A major portion of that uniqueness resulted from a Paul Deesen designed, hideaway headlight feature, another first for Pontiac. Vacuum-operated doors covered twin, horizontally arranged headlights located inside the split-loop front bumper.

Slotted turn indicator lamps were positioned in fender extensions above the outside corners of the bumper. The state of Pennsylvania decided that it did not like this new high-mounted turn signal, and required all '67 GP's sold in that state to utilize the Catalina's lower valence mounted front signal light system. Even though the front bumpers for all the B-body Pontiacs appear to be the same, the GP unit is not interchangeable with the other big Pontiacs.

The hideaway headlight system from the Grand Prix was also a standard feature on the Canadian-market Pontiac Grande Parisienne. The Grande Parisienne line-up included: a 2-door sport coupe, 4-door sport sedan, and 4-door station wagon, leaving the U.S. Grand Prix as the only Pontiac convertible with the distinctive vanishing headlights.

An additional first for all big-body '67 Pontiacs was a hideaway windshield wiper mechanism that stowed the wipers snugly under the trailing edge of the hood when not in use.

A fourth major first for the Pontiac line this year was the full-length door side glass - no "ventipanes"on the GP hardtop coupe. This advancement was introduced by Oldsmobile on its 1966 Toronado, and by Buick on its '66 Riviera. This feature did not make the grade for the GP convert because the windshield framework was not originally engineered to support itself without the additional stability provided by the door's wing vent frames. It would not be until the 1969 model year when all Pontiac convertibles lost this wing vent window . . .

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Nickey 427 Camaro

1967 Nickey 427 Camaro Road Test!

Car Craft Magazine tested one of the earliest conversions that allowed a 427 Chevy BB in a Camaro. Helped by the expertise of the famous Bill Thomas, Nickey stuffed the hot Corvette 427 in Camaros back in 1967 - actually well before others tried it. CC was surprised that the car handled well with the big engine in front, - when they got to the drag strip; "it was everything you could ask for . . ." They concluded: "The potential of this combination seems unlimited." You bettcha - with slicks, unmodified (incl. mufflers) it ran an 11.90 @ 119 MPH!

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1973 455 SD Trans Am Test Test 1973 Trans Am 455 Super Duty Test!

Car & Driver Magazine said it best; "The last of the fast cars comes standard with the sort of acceleration that hasn't been seen in years." They loved the styling, the power , the handling and the comfort. "The best compliment bestowed on the Firebird is the fact that even in it's own time it is becoming a collector's item . . ."

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Buick Experimental Engines of the 60s Buick Experimental Engines of the 60's.

A turbo-charged Buick big block Nailhead developing close to 600HP, sexy 4 Weber-carbed aluminum 215, and a full boogie Big Block Gen 2 455 that was the test bed for Stage 1 and 2 parts, were just a few of the engines featured. Take a walk with Hot Rod Magazine through Buick's lab and see some of the engines that did result in improvements and future tech pioneered by Buick even back in the day.

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2011 Mustang GT Overview Modern Muscle - 2011 Mustang GT Overview.

The big news for 2011was that Ford Mustang GT was fitted with with an all-new 5.0-liter V-8 engine, code named "Coyote" that was developed by a team of engineers who were determined to deliver more than 400 horsepower from 302 naturally aspirated cubic inches - guess what - they succeeded! Read about all the new technology that was stuffed into the 2011 Mustang GT HERE.

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Ford 221 V8s NEXT WEEK - We Detail the Ford 221-302's History!

COMING NEXT WEEK The Ford Small Block birth and history! Next week we are going to explore the birth of the Ford small block - starting with the lowly 221 thru the 289 in a series that will populate No Limits. Whet your appetite with this article . . .

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O'Reilly Car Show
2014 O’Reilly Auto Parts Street Machine and Muscle Car Nationals!

Our Friends from Primer Podcast visited the O’Reilly Auto Parts Street Machine and Muscle Car Nationals. This was the first O’Reilly Auto Parts Street Machine and Muscle Car Nationals for the west coast. This was an easy-going, no hassle car show with lots to do and see throughout the weekend. "We liked this event and even the promotional staff on hand to direct us on the perfect Saturday festivities. Looking forward to the next Muscle Car and Street Machine Nationals!".

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