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Friday April 25, 2014
Fast Friday: Pat Mills' 442, '57 Chrysler 300C, '61 Aston Martin, '66 Six Supercars Test, '05 Shelby Cobra Concept, Racing Novel: She Came to Win - and Much More!

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Pat Mills 1966 Oldsmobile 442: turns back the hands of time!
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Story From the Past Week

The 1969 351 Windsor Hi-Po

Ford Small Blocks Part 2: the
351 Windsor Arrives

Pat MIlls 1966 442

Clean as a whistle and fast as the sound.

The first 1964 Mustang Convertible

Pat claims he still has "much left to do", but he has it to the
point where he can still enjoy driving his pride and joy.

Olds Tri-Carb

A 4-speed shifted, tri-power inducted 425 gets the job done.

by Wild About Cars staff - reprint with permission only

Back in 1966, I special ordered a white F85 Club Coupe with the 330 cubic inch 320 hp engine and a three speed standard up on the column (because I couldn't get it on the floor). No power steering or brakes, just a plain car with a good engine and transmission. Of course I wanted a 442 but couldn't afford it. Today, I have the car I wanted back then.

In 2008, I advertised on that I wanted a '66 442 Club Coupe with a 4 speed. A year later, in 2009, I received an Email from an Olds guy in Vancouver, B.C. who had imported a 442 from Washington in 1989. He had decided to restore a '67 Vista Cruiser he owned instead of my 442, lucky for me, and wanted to sell it. It was a Cutlass Holiday Coupe with a tri-powered 425 Olds and no power equipment.

The intake manifold is the L69 tri-power and the carbs are Rochester 2GCs. To make a long story short, I went and looked at it and bought it. He had exercised the car during the ten years he had it so I was able to drive it home. I have never been able to find the documentation on my car as it is a Lansing-built car and not Canadian. I know that the engine was built by a heavy-duty mechanic in Washington, and has a W30 cam in it. I have not been able to find this fellow so I know nothing much about the engine other than it runs very sweet and pulls very strong. I was able to get the original 400 motor as part of the deal for the car, and it's now sitting in my garage waiting to be rebuilt. I'd love to put it in a '49-51 Olds Coupe!!!

In 2010 we started the body off restoration. I paid for the guidance of an acquaintance who is a body man. I worked alongside him hour by hour. All the repairs are steel and we used Rust Inverter inside and out. I changed the color to white like the F85 I once owned because I knew the car looked good in white . . . .

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1957 CChrysler 300C Test

1957 Chrysler 300C Road Test

Motor Life Magazine tested the Chrysler 330C in their May 1957 issue. The first thing that impressed them was the quiet and smooth delivery of power. They said you couldn't "wear a hat' in the new lower car, but "It's quite an automobile. Check out this test.

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1961 Aston Martin Test 1961 Aston Martin Driving Impressions!

Cars & Driver Magazine drive tested the 1961 Aston Martin. Recognize that Astons were quite rare in the US at the time, so getting to actually drive one was a big deal. Significant was that they were amazed at the car's ability to "cruise" at 120 MPH. Significant was the stability and handling of the car. They called it Britain's fasted cataloged passenger car" No doubt - considering they were able to hit 142 mph on the motorway!

Click Here to read about the 1961 Aston Martin Drive Test

1966 Six Supercar Test 1966 Six Supercar Test

Cars & Driver Magazine attempted what they thought would be simple - get six or seven factory stock supercars (muscle cars) together for a test and see how they faced off. Problem was, they told each manufacturer the nature of the comparo. Well, as you can imagine, only the Buick GS showed up in stock trim - with the Ford representative arriving on a Holman and Moody trailer. Fun to read and funny at the same time.

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2005 Shelby Cobra Media Kit Modern Muscle - 2005 Shelby Cobra Concept Media Booklet.

This car was never built past a prototype - but it was part of the beginning of a renewed relationship between Ford, Shelby, and the Cobra name. What did come out of this concept was the components that would flesh out the Shelby Mustang Cobras appearing shortly after. Check out this 46 page booklet that gets you inside where Shelby and Ford were going - almost to where they are now!

To download the 2005 Shelby Cobra Concept Media Kit - Click HERE!

1960s Mopar Paint Codes Mopar Paint Codes and Paint Mix Codes added to "Techipedia".

UPDATE: Both Dodge and Plymouth Paint Codes have been added to the Techipedia Pages. Each paint code links directly to the Ditzler website and will display each & every paint manufacturer's mix code for that color. Click on the color code name to be sent to specific paint mix code.

Click HERE to go to Techipedia - Then select the brand, then Paint and Body, then Paint Chips and Codes.

She Came to Win -Darlington
She Came to Win - Chapter 12: Lower than Low . . . and Higher than High

Alex had hugged Steve in the Richmond Winner's Circle and the picture made all the papers. When she saw all the cameras and reporters, she wisely did not plant a big one on him, but the hug was genuine and the grin on his face made that all worth it . . . .

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