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Friday May 2, 2014
Fast Friday: Randy Scheuermann's Max Wedge, '69 Cougar, '67 Dart GTS, '65 Jaguar XK-E, '01 Mustang Bullit Intro, Cadillac Paint Codes - and Much More!

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1964 Plymouth Fury - Randy Scheuermann's Max Wedge Tribute
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The 427 Arrives and Spawns
More Chevy BBs

The 1970 Chevy 454 LS6

The high-water mark for the street Chevrolet Big Block was the
1970 450 HP 454 cu. in. LS6.

Randy Scheuermann's Max Wedge Tribute

Randy's car retains its original interior and exterior colors
Only the top is different, as it was originally white.

A 426 Max Wedge - and more

The engine is an original 440 block bored and stroked
to 500 cubic inches.

Strange Mural width=

The interior is its original red. Randy added factory seatbelts.
(Note mural under the glove box - it is explained in the article).

by Wild About Cars staff - reprint with permission only

Randy Scheuermann purchased his 1964 Plymouth Fury convertible in 2003. At the time, it was setup for the track, with 3-inch front wheels, drag shocks, roll bar, 4.56:1 gears, partial exhaust, battery in trunk, etc. The engine was a 12.5 compression max wedge with a solid roller cam. It was bolted to the frame with some weird made-up motor mounts and was also chained down. The headers were hitting the frame and steering linkage. There were also nitrous plates under the carbs and a bottle in the trunk, but the system was not hooked up.

The car looked pretty nice, and it just needed, as Randy puts it, "some street manners". So he put on normal size front wheels, regular shocks, proper motor mounts and torque strap (Schumacher Creative Services), new TTI headers, and a full 3-inch exhaust.

As far as the engine, it was on its last legs. When it died, due to roller lifter failure, because he wanted to use the car for street cruising Randy decided to build a Max Wedge that would run on pump gas. The engine was built by AMT Racing Engines, and, after completion, it was put on the dynamometer for break-in and carburetor tuning. It made 543 horsepower and 580 ft lbs of torque.

While the engine was out of the car, the engine bay was painted, and the old ball & trunion front u-joint was replaced with a 1965 model slip yoke tailshaft on the transmission. A new aluminum drive shaft was installed as well. The rear-end gears looked pretty bad, so a fresh set of 4.11 gears were put in place.

In the end, what Randy has is Max Wedge clone, tribute, resto-rod, period hotrod, or whatever one might want to call it. He calls it The Black Max, and when the weather is nice, Randy and his Max can be seen cruising around the streets in the St. Louis area or hanging out at an occasional car show

One day, Randy's wife Sandy came home from work with a phone number written on a little piece of paper. Someone at work gave it to her and said to call the number as it was about this car. So he called . . .

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1969 Cougar 428 CJ Test

1969 XR-7 Cougar 428 CJ Drag and Road Test

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1967 Dodge Dart 383 Test 1967 Dodge Dart GTS 383 Road Test

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Car and Driver Magazine was hot to get their hands on the new XK-E with the larger 4.2 Liter power plant. Back in the day, all the manufacturers were reacting to the demand for more power form their cars - and of course Jag responded - bumping the OHC six up from 3.8 Liters to 4.2 - a large jump for European road cars. The net result was lower 1/4 mile ETs (15.0 @ 98 mph). Most of all, the 4.2 made the car more "torquey" - better suited to the US enthusiast. Read what Car and Driver had to say.

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Reproduction Tachometers for Chevrolet
Classic Industries Reproduction Tachometers for Chevrolet and GMC Trucks

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