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Friday May 9, 2014
Fast Friday: The Lingenfelter Collection, '58 Ferrari 4.9, '62 Pontiac 421, '66 Fairlane GTA, '11 Vette Z06 Carbon, Mustang Paint Codes - and Much More!

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We visit the Lingenfelter Auto Collection - and you should too!
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Stories From the Past Week

Ford's "Cleveland" starts their
move to canted valve V8s

The 1970 Boss 302

The Boss 302 both revitalized & redefined Ford small block
performance in the 70s.

Randy Scheuermann's 1964
Max Wedge Tribute

A 426 Max Wedge width=

Randy's engine is an original
440 block bored and stroked
to 500 cubic inches.

Lingenfelter Record Shattering Corvettes

This row of Lengenfelter Corvettes narrowly avoided
annihilation-by-sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum.

212 MPH Ford GT

2005 Ford GT. 5.4L, supercharged, DOHC V8. 550 hp &
/500 lbs.-ft. of torque. 0-60 in 3.6 sec. Top speed–212 mph.

Pristine 1966 Toronado

1966 Olds Toronado pays tribute to Ken's father, who worked
for Fisher Body and helped develop the car's concept
and production processes).

1970 Hemi Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T equipped with the
legendary Hemi-head V8.

by Wild About Cars staff - reprint with permission only

Our Michigan-based crew was assigned the tough task of putting together a story documenting the Ken's wonderful collection of cars. On Friday, 4/25/2014, we walked into the Lingenfelter Motor Sports showroom/office building, located in an industrial park area of Brighton, MI. Brighton is a western suburb of Detroit, and the Lingenfelter Collection is installed in a warehouse-sized building situated just a few miles directly south of GM's Milford, MI proving grounds.

The collection is arranged in three separate areas: the first is a room dedicated to exotics and supercars; the next room contains the Corvettes and Lingenfelter products; finally, the third sanctum hosts muscle cars. The lights were on, the floor was clear of pedestrian traffic, so we were off and clicking. Realize, the vehicles housed in the main building represent only three/fourths of the collection.

As we photographed our way up and down the rows of spectacularly choice mechanical specimens, we were told that the collection is maintained and displayed with one primary goal in mind, to raise funds for the Lingenfelter Foundation's many benefactor groups. Over forty charity open houses are conducted at this location each year. In addition, select vehicles are loaned to other collections around the country.

Vehicles are also supplied to charity events and shows on a regular basis. In fact, a handful of significant Lingenfelter-tuned Corvettes were on display at the National Corvette Museum's rotunda dome up until about a week before the heartless sinkhole gobbled up a different fleet of unfortunate plastic fantastics.

The Lingenfelter Collection was initiated the not-so-distant past by a serendipitous yet disconnected progression in the lives of two cousins, John and Ken. John was an Indiana-based NHRA race driver and owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. In 2003, John succumbed to injuries sustained in a racing accident the year before. The future of LPE was in limbo until Ken decided to purchase the company.

Ken's interest in automobiles goes back to his childhood and his father's employment with GM's Fisher Body Division in Cleveland, OH. Fisher's Euclid plant was responsible for the body manufacture of Oldsmobile's front-drive Toronado, and Ken's father was hip deep in the development and building of that revolutionary model. Ken continued to feed his automotive obsession through a series of muscle cars and a participation in drag racing. To support that habit, Ken established a successful title insurance company.

He also began collecting performance vehicles, including a few LPE-enhanced Corvettes. By 2003, he had sold the title company, and was in a very good position to take over the reigns of LPE. In 2008, he completed the purchase of LPE and the collection of special interest cars began to enthusiastically take shape.

Today LPE, best known for its enhanced Corvettes and Camaros, Cadillacs and Chevy trucks, as well as a large inventory of performance parts, operates out of plants in Decatur, IN and Wixom, MI. The Lingenfelter Collection has grown to around 200 cars. To pay a visit to the Lingenfelter Collection web site, click here.

Back to the business at hand, as we occupy ourselves by photographing the amazing variety of Ferraris, Bugatis, Lamborghinis, McLarens, and other equally exotic and expensive modes of transportation.

As we set our sights on an amazing array of vintage Corvettes, including Bloomington Gold-quality C1s and the '54 "Duntov Mule," a modified test vehicle used to develop the V8 installation in the 1955 model year 'Vette, and that set several speed marks in the mid-'50s . . .

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1958 Ferrari Test

1958 Ferrari 4.9 Super Fast Road Test

Sports Cars Illustrated Magazine tested the 1958Ferrari 4.9L "Superfast" coupe in their September 1958 issue. For the time this car shattered the concept of European small-engined sports cars competing with US iron. Ladies and Gents a 13.9 @ 108 MPH was astounding in 1958 - considering that a '58 Fuelie Vette was a second slower! Read this amazing test!

Click here to read more about the 1958 Ferrari 4.9 Test!

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1962 Pontiac 421 Drag Test 1962 Pontiac Catalina 421 Drag Test

Motor Trend Magazine drag tested the newly introduced 1962 421 Catalina in their may 1962 issue. We all know about the legendary 421 nowadays, but then, this car hit the public like a bombshell. MT said it best when they opined that; "the list of components used in the full race from the factory mill reads like a California speed equipment catalog page." And 13.9 in street trim from a 4070 lb car was astounding. Check this test out!

Click Here to read about the 1962 Pontiac 421 Test

1966 Fairlane GTA Test 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA Road Test

Motor Trend Magazine tested the Fairlane GTA on introduction in October of 1965. Certainly, Ford had finally arrived in the mid-sized muscle with this introduction, and the testers came away with positive feelings. But the problem was that this class of cars was a fast moving target, and Ford's entry was two years late. See what Motor Trend had to say - and judge it in the times - we know that on the street and strip it was outclassed - but that's now - not then.

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The Z06 Corvettes are legendary - but Chevrolet went even further with their Z06 Carbon edition, removing excess weight for added performance. Read the specs and download the poster - blow it up and paste it on your wall!

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UPDATE: All 50 years of Mustang Paint Codes have been added to the Techipedia Pages. Each paint code links directly to the Ditzler website and will display each & every paint manufacturer's mix code for that color. Click on the color code name to be sent to specific paint mix code.

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