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Friday May 30, 2014
Fast Friday: Comparing two '64 Plymouths - Ray Evernham's "ForPly" and Tom Hoover Jr's Pure Stock Max Wedge!

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Something old & something new - Ray Evernham's 21st Century "ForPly" versus Tom Hoover's 1964 Pure Stock Max Wedge
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Ray Evernham 1964 For-Ply

The Evernham 1964 ForPly looks stock at first glance, but it is
far from it - it's a 21st Century NASCAR stocker in street trim.

Tom Hoover 1964 Plymouth Max Wedge

Tom Hoover Jr. 1964 Stage III Max Wedge has run a best quarter mile ET of 11.55 seconds and a best speed of 122.58 mph - thru
the mufflers and on street tires!

NASCAR Car of Tommorow

COT Dodge Sprint Cup car gave up its race chassis for the ForPly.

1964 Plymouth Interior

TIn juxtaposition - the Hoover Plymouth is so stock it hurts.
The tach and gauges are essential for drag racing.

by Wild About Cars staff - reprint with permission only

Two 1964 Plymouth fans take a different route in a build - but still manage to knock your socks off!

1964 was a very pivotal year in Chrysler racing. The Ramchargers had concluded a dream season in 1963 by winning Top Stock Eliminator at BOTH the NHRA Winternationals and Indy US Nationals with 1963 426 Max Wedge Dodges. The 426 Race Hemi debuted in February 1964 with Richard Petty winning his first NASCAR Daytona 500 in a 1964 Plymouth and similar Plymouths sweeping the first three places.

The most advanced Max Wedge engine, including an improved cylinder head, was delivered in 1964 Plymouths and Dodges beginning in fall 1963. Later, similar 1964 Plymouths and Dodges were delivered with 426 Race Hemis intended for both NASCAR and drag racing. Thus, the '64 Plymouth exemplifies the pinnacle of Chrysler's race efforts at that time.

What we have here are two cars that two professionals chose to reproduce to commemorate the era - but what makes this story so great is that these two individuals chose to build the same car, but their result is a direct representation of their life's experiences.

Tom Hoover Junior and Senior
Tom Hoover Jr's. father was none other than Tom Hoover of Ramcharger and Hemi fame. Tom Hoover Sr. joined Chrysler Corporation in 1955, earning a Master's degree in automotive engineering at the Chrysler Institute. One of Hoover's first projects at Chrysler was the Bendix fuel injection system ("Electrojector"), an early version of today's electronic fuel injection systems.

While Tom is best known as the "Father of the Hemi", Chrysler Corp's second generation racing engine, many may not know that he was heavily involved in the development of almost all the performance engines produced by Chrysler in the early 60s - from the slant six "Hyper Pack", through the Max Wedge 426 and up to Chrysler's monster 426 Hemi.

Ray Evernham
Another individual influenced by these events was Ray Evernham. Ray joined the Jeff Gordon NASCAR team as Crew Chief in 1991 and between 1992 and 1999 won 47 Cup races and 3 Cup Championships. In 2001 Evernham led Dodge's return to NASCAR Cup racing and worked as an analyst for ESPN NASCAR coverage until 2011.

At that point in time, Ray started Ray Evernham Enterprises to design and build custom cars. His choice for his first design & build - what else - a 1964 Plymouth. Understand, the '64 pick was not an accident. Ray loves old MOPAR iron and is also a big fan of 1969 Daytona Chargers . . .

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