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Tuesday June 3, 2014
1970 - the Muscle Car Pinnacle,'70 Motion 454 Camaro, '64 R-3 Lark Test, '66 383 Satellite, '2012 Mustang Brochure, Race History - and More!

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1970 - Screaming the loudest before you die!
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ForPly vs 64 Wax Wedge

"ForPly" versus Tom Hoover's
1964 Pure Stock Max Wedge

Olds W-43 4-Valve

Don't Call Me a Hemi - 'cause I'm not! Oldsmobile's Infamous W-43

1989 Pontiac Trans Am Turbo Photos

1989 Pontiac Firebird Turbo
Trans Am PR Photos

1970 Chevelle LS6

To understand the "Pinnacle" You have to get just
what a monster the LS6 Chevelle was.

1970 Hemi Cuda Convert

Packing just as much punch as the LS6 was the 426 Hemi,
shown here in the 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda.
It gave away some cubes, but not HP.

AMC Rebel Machine

Even AMC got into the act with their Rebel "Machine". It was limited to 390 cubes, but because the car was light - it could motor.
It sure looked the part!

1970 Torino SCJ

Fords Torino 429 SCJ was equipped with the Factory's new "385"
block sporting canted valve heads similar to the Chevy LS6.
It gave away a few inches at 429, but it had plenty of punch!

by Wild About Cars and AHPS Staff - reprint with permission only.

The high water mark! Given the frenzied activities in the performance market, every manufacturer was determined to release the very best offering of power and performance . The "Win on Sunday – sell on Monday" mantra was sung by all.

The manufacturers pulled out all the stops in 1970.  An individual seeking to buy a performance car was like the proverbial "kid in a candy store". Here's what was available – in general terms – from just about every manufacturer.

  • Big block "supercars" and "pony cars" - these cars had engines of at least 426 cid. GM expanded their engines to 455 cid in their mid-sized cars. All "pony cars" now featured a big block option topping 400 cid.
  • "Junior supercars" these were small block engine mid-size cars - using engines between 340 – 351 cid in mid-sized cars and "pony cars".
  • Trans-Am cars – each pony car manufacturer had an entry: the Mustang Boss 302, the Camaro Z28, the Challenger T/A, the AAR ‘Cuda, and the Mark Donohue Javelin.

For the first time, GM allowed divisions to install and sell mid-sized cars with engines larger than 400 cid Each division responded - Chevrolet installed their 454 Rat motor in the Chevelle and Corvette. In Chevelle, option LS6 was a 450 HP monster Hot Rod Magazine called it an "Earth mover". Pontiac punched out their 400 engine to 455 cid for the GTO and added a 400 inch Ram Air V. Oldsmobile put their big 455 cu. in engine in the 442 and with the famous W30 option. Buick added their 455 cid big block and released it with the Stage 1 option, a car capable of running with anything on the street or track.

Chrysler offered the 426 Hemi and 440 Magnum V8 with three two-barrel carbs on GTXs, Road Runners, Chargers and Super Bees. And in a move that not only caught up to their rival "pony cars" but surpassed them – Chrysler offered the 440 6-pack and 426 Hemi in the Challenger and ‘Cuda lines.

Ford - In addition to the Boss 429 Mustang and 428 Cobra Jet Mustangs, Ford released a new engine family – the 385 series – at 429 cid in their mid-sized line. The hottest 429 was the Super Cobra Jet - available in Torino and Comet at 370 HP.

American Motors - AMC placed their 401 cid engine in their mid-sized car and (with another outrageous red/white/blue paint scheme) and called it the "Machine" . . .

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From the Auto History Preservation Society Digital Documents Library
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1970 Motion 454 Camaro Test
1970 Motion Camaro SS454 Road Test

By 1970 every Auto maker had a big-inch engine in an A-body car, and all Pony Cars could be had with at least 400 cubes under the hood, so it is no wonder that Motion Performance of Long Island NY would stuff the biggest baddest 454 Chevrolet offered for the street in a new for '70 Camaro. Read what Cars Magazine testers had to say about this 500 HP monster!

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1964 Studebaker Lark R-3
1964 Studebaker Super Lark R-3 Engine Road Test

Hot Rod Magazine tested the new Studebaker Lark with the R-3 engine combo. Just so you don't think this is an old fuddy-dutty Studebaker with a 289 2-bbl, this is an Andy Granatelli 304 cid supercharged hot rod making in excess of 335 HP. This same car ran 150 MPH at Bonneville and in a later test was in the 13s on street tires! Check out this 7 page story!

To read the 1964 Studebaker Lark R3 Road Test - Click HERE!

1966 Plymouth 383 Satellite Test
1966 Plymouth Satellite 383 4-Speed Road Test

Everyone was jumping on the mid-size muscle car bandwagon - but Plymouth and Dodge were perplexed. Heck, they's had a mid-sized muscle car since 1962 when they stuffed the 413 and 383 4-barrel engines in the Fury/Belvedere and Polara. People had seen them as big cars, but with their 116" wheelbase they were not. The best way to change perceptions was to get all the magazines to test them as mid-sizers with is what Car Life Magazine did. Check it out.

To see and download this 1966 Plymouth 383 Test - click here!

2012 Mustang Brochure
2012 Mustang Brochure

The now famous "Coyote" 5.0 quad-cam V8 had been introduced in the previous year, but it started to gain popularity big time in 2o12. This new 5.0 shares its bore spacing and deck height with the old 4.6 L V8, but it uses wider bore diameters and a longer stroke relative to use of larger valves. And the Boss 5.0 was introduced in 2012 and boasted s 444 horsepower, 32 more than the GT's 412 hp. read all about them.

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