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Friday June 6, 2014
Fast Friday: '68 Buick GS, '65 Vette 350 HP, '65 Olds 442, '58 Chevy Brochure, '64 Malibu Trio, Advertisements Section - and Much More!

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1970 Chevelle LS6

1970 - Screaming the loudest
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ForPly vs 64 Wax Wedge

"ForPly" versus Tom Hoover's 1964 Pure Stock Max Wedge

Olds W-43 4-Valve

Don't Call Me a Hemi - 'cause I'm not! Oldsmobile's Infamous W-43

Extracts from the Automotive History Preservation Society's Digital Documents Library
1968 Buick GS 400 Test
  1968 Buick GS 400 Road Test.

The GS 400 was now packaged in the new GM "A-Body" and just like the previous version, there were little performance cues in the new offering - a blacked out grill, faux scoop on the hood, and GS 400 lettering on the nose, tail, and rear quarters. Find out what Hot Rod Magazine thought about Buick's supercar offering.

Click here to read/download the Buick GS 400 Test!

1965 Corvette 350 HP Test
  1965 Corvette 350 HP 327 Road Test

Car and Driver Magazine tested the 327 350 HP Corvette in their January 1965 issue. Interestingly they decided to test the carbureted 327 medium output rather than the Fuelie. It was a middle of the road Corvette - but it did not have middle of the road performance! Read about it!

To read the 1965 Corvette 350 HP Road Test - Click HERE!

1965 Olds 442 Test
  1965 Oldsmobile 442 Road Test

Olds had jumped into the supercar market in 1964 with its lively 330 cid V8 - and very successfully we might ad. But they had known that car was just a hold 'em effort - they were waiting for their all new lightweight big block to hit the market - and it did in 1965. Car Craft Magazine got their hands on a 4-spped 400 cid 442 and reported on it in their July 1965 issue. Check it out.

To see and download this 1965 Olds 442 Test - click here!

1958 Chevrolet Brochure
  1958 Chevrolet Prestige Brochure

Chevrolet went through a HUGE restyle for the 1958 year - and HUGE was the theme because the car grew in every dimension - most notably in wheelbase by 2.5" and length by over 5 inches. Styling was an all new look as well. Sales did drop off, but it was more the recession than the styling. Check it out.

To see the 2012 Ford Mustang Brochure - Click HERE!

1964 Three Chevelles Test   1964 El Camino, Malibu & Super Sport Road Test

Car Life Magazine tested a trio of 1964 A-bodies from Chevrolet in their March 1964 issue. Calling it the "Chevelle Trio" they came away completely enamored with the styling, performance and general usability of all three. Read about it here.

Click HERE to read/download the Three Chevelles Test!

1966 Buick Riviera Ad
  What will you find in the Advertisements Section?

Part of automotive history is how the manufacturers touted there products. Did they use artwork, photographs, line drawings - did they use color or black and white. Were catchy phrases or "just the facts" their approach - or both? Most important is that many times features or specifications not found anywhere else are cited. Check out these ads - and download them -full size and restored!

Click HERE to go to the Advertisements Section and see what we've done!

Hot Series from the Editors at Wild About Cars
Check Out the Performance Car Chronicles   Have you checked out the Performance Car Chronicles?

What we are doing is to document the benchmarks in each decade where performance impacted the US Automobile. Of course we'll have to merely outline what happened, but rest assured we will cover enough to make our case - and we'll send you to a host of references along the way. After we hit the high points of the decades - we'll go back and hit each and every year! Check it out.

Click HERE to see what we've done!

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