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Friday June 13, 2014
Fast Friday: '66 GTO, '56 Lincoln, '67 Dana 427 Camaro, '71 Dodge Scat Pack Brochure, '66 427 Cobra, Check Out Our Store - and Much More!

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1965 Pontiac 2+2
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Extracts from the Automotive History Preservation Society's Digital Documents Library
1966 GTO Tiger Test
  1966 Pontiac Gee Tee O Tiger Test.

The Gee Tee O Tiger was one of the most famous Pontiac GTO drag race cars in 1965-1966. This article dissects the car and shows how they extracted the performance from the Ram Air GTO. It's a great look at Muscle Car drag racing Back in the Day. Also see the 1966 Pontiac Performance Brochure and 1966 GTO Ads while you are at it.

Click here to read/download the Pontiac Gee Tee O Tiger Test!

1956 lincoln Brochure
  1956 Lincoln Brochure

Lincoln made some dramatic changes for 1956 - acquiring more power, and a larger chassis/body. The engine was now at 368 cid and the body sat on a 126" wheelbase. The change had a huge success result - sales went from 27,221 units to 52,872 - almost double. Check it out - and while you're at it check out this '56 Lincoln Road Test!

To See and Download the Brochure - Click HERE!

1967 Dana 427 Camaro Test
  1967 Dana 427 Camaro Test

We know nowadays that all sorts of tuners were sticking BB 427sin Camaros. Once of the least know was Dana Chevrolet in Southgate California. What may have set Dana apart was that they were on of the first to do it and their installations were well thought out and top-rate. Check out how Dana did it and what the results were. want More? Check out the 1967 Camaro Brochure.

To see and download this 1967 Dana 427 Camaro Test - click here!

1971 Dodge Scat Pack Brochure
  1971 Dodge "Scat Pack" Brochure

By 1971 the handwriting was on the wall regarding high performance cars in the US. Compared to the heydays of the '60s, sales and enthusiasm was bound to wane when the new regs took place in full in 1973. Well, that didn't stop Dodge - they went all out - even starting a "club" called the "Scat Pack" in 1971. Here's the brochure. And here's a 1971 340 Dodge Challenger Road Test to show you Dodge wasn't kidding!!

To see the 1971 Dodge Scat Pack Brochure - Click HERE!

1966 Shelby 427 Cobra Test   1966 Shelby 427 Cobra Road Test

To some degree, we can't really appreciate the impact of this car on the enthusiast when it was released. Nowadays, one can buy quite a few cars that can match it in performance - but back then - not even the new 427 'Vette (that was tested in the same issue) could touch it. When Car and Driver Magazine tested it back in November of 1965 they were stunned - 0-100-0 in 13.8? See what else they said.

Click HERE to read/download the Shelby 427 Cobra Test!

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