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Friday June 20, 2014
Fast Friday: Shelby King Cobra - '61 TNT DOHC Engine, '69 Charger Daytona, '46-50 Hudsons, '69 Hemi Road Runner, '71 Pontiacs, David Pearson - and Much More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at Wild About Cars and the Auto History Preservation Society
1963 Shelby King Cobra
  1963 Shelby-Cooper King Cobra - A Precursor to the GT-40!

The SCCA had just developed a new series back in 1963 that would eventually morph into the famous Can-Am venue. Shelby wanted to compete so he did what he had done before; he went to England to find a chassis into which he might fit one of his Ford V8s. What Shelby found was the Cooper Monaco, that he modified his race team. The only all original survivor of the "King Cobras" is up for auction. Check it out in this Larry Edsall article written for Barrett-Jackson - the car is to auctioned in January 2015 at their Scottsdale venue.

Click Here to read about Shelby's King Cobra's

1961 TNT Engine
  1961 Stamped Steel "TNT" Race Engine Makes 1.5 HP per cu. in.

The TNT DOHC straight four race/street engine was not only radical for its 1.5 HP per cu. in. power back in 1961 (admirable even today), but more so because it was made from stamped steel - not cast iron or aluminum. They weren't the first - Crosley did it with their engines in 1946, but these I-4s were simple, slow turning, low HP units. TNT's project was to make lightweight, high HP engines for sports and race cars. They didn't succeed, but they did re-energize an approach that is coming back into vogue today. Check it out in this Hot Rod Magazine article.

To see the "TNT" stamped steel race engine - Click HERE!

1969 Dodge Daytona Test
  1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Test

Hi-Performance Cars Magazine extensively tested the Dodge Charger Daytona back in their November 1969 issue. Even then everyone knew the car was for sale to the public so that Chrysler could race it on NASCAR's Super Speedways, so all looked at it as an oddity. In fact, it was so odd BITD that few people were inclined to buy it. Of course, today they are highly collectible - but then? Check out what people were thinking back in 1969.

To see the 1969 Dodge Daytona test - click HERE!

1948 Hudson History
  1946-1950 Hudson Models Described in Tech.

In 1946-47 Hudson merely reintroduced pre-war models, but in 1948 Hudson offered one of the great postwar designs that would continue through 1953.  The new model was low and sleek, with a a low center of gravity - allowing it to handle exceptionally well for the period. In 1948 Hudson introduced a new engine, the 262 cid Super Six, which would evolve into the 308 cid "Hornet" power plant which, from 1952 through 1954, was the king of stock car racing.

To see the year-by-year descriptions - Click HERE!

1969 Hemi Road Runner Test   1969 Hemi Road Runner Test

Super Stock Magazine tested the 1969 Hemi Road Runner in their January 1969 issue. The title of the article was "The Bird that Eats Snakes". The car ran a 13.38 @ 108 MPH in stock trim so . . . . draw your own conclusion - or better yet - read the article. PS, they warped the picture on purpose - to indicate what the Hemi RR did to time. Also - see the 1970 Plymouth "Rapid Transit" Brochure.

Click HERE to read/download the Hemi Road Runner Test!

1955 Olds S88 Ads
1971 Pontiac brochure - Performance Cars

OK, we know lowered compression rations across the board at GM in 1971 hurt performance, but let's face it, on the street, it didn't hurt that much - and Pontiac was danged sure that they were not going out without a fight. They put together an awesome team of Hi-Po cars from the Firebird through the GTO and up to the Grand Prix. Check out this hot brochure - and while you are at it how about checking out 1971 Pontiac Ads too.!

Click HERE to check out the 1971 Pontiac Performance Ads and Brochures!

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