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Friday July 11, 2014
Fast Friday: 1963-65 Buick Rivieras, '70 Mustang Ads, '50s Cadillac Brochures, '57 Pontiacs, '63 Alfa-Romeo Spider, '64 Lincoln, Bill Elliott's Mustang - and Much More!

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1964 Pontiacs onthe line

Made in Pontiac - How they put 'em together Back in the Day!

1970 Chevelle LS6

1970 - Screaming the loudest
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ForPly vs 64 Wax Wedge"ForPly" versus Tom Hoover's 1964 Pure Stock Max Wedge

Hot Stuff from the Editors at Wild About Cars and the Auto History Preservation Society
1963 Buick riviera
  1963-65 Buick Riviera - More than a Styling Exercise - a Trend Setter for generations to come

The Riviera name first emerged in Buick back in 1949 as their two-door pillarless hardtop. From 1951 thru 1959, the "Riviera" nameplate was used to designate the highest-end Buicks. However, something else was running as an undercurrent in GM in the late 1950s, where GM began to feel the need for a personal luxury car to compete with the highly successful Ford Thunderbird four-seater introduced in 1958. So in 1963 introduced an entirely new car . . .

Click Here to read about the Development of the 1963-65 Riviera

1970 Mustang Mach 1
  1970 Mustang Performance Ads

The Mustang was well established by 1970 and still selling well - in spite o the furious competition from Chevrolet's Camaro and Plymouth's Barracuda. But this did not make Ford complacent - they launched a huge campaign based upon their Mach 1 and Boss 302, both of which had debuted in 1969. See what Ford was touting in 1970 at the height of the Ponycar wars.

To see 1970 Mustang performance Ads - Click HERE!

1958 Cadillac Brochure
  1958 Cadillac Brochure Exposed

Today we think of Cadillac as another high-end luxury car, perhaps not even up to the snuff of Mercedes and Lexus, but in the 50s Cadillac was "The Standard of the World" - without question. In those years, nothing could touch a Cadillac for quality, luxury, and technology - and they were powerful and very, very posh. See how Cadillac advertised their cars back then - and take a journey through these fabulous Cadillac brochures of the 50s.

To see the 1958 Cadillac Brochure - click HERE!

1957 Two Pontiac Test
  1957 Two Pontiac Star Chief Catalina 270 HP Road Tests

Pontiac moved over to OHV V8 power in 1955. Following the lead of Oldsmobile, the Division decided to only offer one engine series and to merely add variants by horsepower level. By 1957, they were solidly in the performance camp, offering as many as 6 different HP engines, with the top of the line being 290 and 317HP NASCAR engines. Our test covers the 270 HP model, number 3 on the HP list - and only a single 4-bbl version. Even so -these Pontiacs could scoot!

To see the 1957 Pontiac's great performance - Click HERE!

1963 Alfa Romeo Test   1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1600 Road Test

Car and Driver Magazine tested the 1963 Alfa Romeo 1600 in their March 1963 issue. They loved the sporting nature of the car and its stylish look. No surprise, because from this point on, Alfa Spiders (sports roadsters) started a cult following in the US - in fact, they became a "chick car" during that period - both driven by exciting women and capable of attracting them. See what Car and Driver had to say in this test.

Click HERE to read/download the Alfa 1600 Spider Test!

1964 Lincoln Continental Test
1964 Lincoln Continental Road Test

Lincoln went in a different direction starting in 1961, moving to a only one car, the 4-door Continental, offered in hardtop and convertible. This trend would continue through 1965. In this venue, Lincoln strived to add refinement and quality rather than go for heavy restyling or new body styles. By 1964 the car was at its peak in luxury and competence. read how the car was perceived and what Car Life Magazine thought of it in this test!

Click HERE to check out the 1964 Lincoln Continental Road Test!

Bill Elliot's 1965 Mustang Bill Elliott's Awesome 1965 Mustang!

Every once and a while, we get some famous racer or personality to tell us about one of their favorite rides, and such is the case with Bill Elliot - "Awesome Bill from Dawsonville" as he is known. Still doing occasional stints in a Sprint Cup Car, Bill is also an avid Ford man and has a great collection of race and muscle cars. This Mustang is a slick update to a 1965 hardtop, and you have to get under the skin to see what Bill did to it. Check it out!

Click HERE to see what Bill's hot Mustang is like!

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