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Friday July 18, 2014
Fast Friday: New Blogger, '66 427 Fairlane, '65 442 Test, '67 Shelby, '68 Toyota GT Test, '60 Plymouth Long Ram Test, Hemi vs SOHC 427 - and Much More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at Wild About Cars and the Auto History Preservation Society
1970 Pontiac Firebird 400
  New Blog - 4 Types of Gearheads - from GearheadLogic1992

There are four types of Gearheads in this world: The Fixer, the Collector, the Racer, and the Hoarder. Fixers are those who mainly love the project of taking a junker and turning it into a custom ride or show quality restoration. Collectors are those who want to have a warehouse full of their four-wheeled trophies and investments. Racers are lead-footed speed junkies who can never satisfy their need for speed and will throw every cent they have into their race car . . .

Click Here to read this well done Blog that will be part of our Future Features

1966 Ford Fairlane 427 Test
  1966 Ford Fairlane 427 Road Test

The pressure to deliver awesome street performance was mounting on Ford in their mid-size muscle. The Fairlane GT looked good on paper, but frankly it was way behind the competition: GTO, Chevelle, 442, and Plymouth and Dodge. What to do? well they had the super strong 427 medium riser on the shelf and it would fit in the new chassis, so . . . Check out this stunning Test!

To see 1967 Ford Fairlane 427 Test - Click HERE!

1965 Olds 442 Road Test
  1965 Olds 442 Road Test

Olds got with the super car program in 1965 - not that the 1964 442 was a slouch - far from it. Using their hardy 330 "Police Pursuit" package with a few tweaks, they were an equal to the single 4 bbl GTO. But back then cubes talked - so a 400 cid version of the new big block was fitted beginning in 1965. Once the '65 was in the hands of the press the raves established the 442 as a contender - read Car Life Magazine's take on the car.

To see this 1965 442 Road Test - click HERE!

1967 Shelby Mustang Ads
  1967 Shelby Mustang Ads

The 1967 Shelby Mustang was a step away from the hard core small block GT 350 of 1965 and 1966. Not that the '67 was a slouch on the street or strip, but for 1967 and forward, the Shelby would broaden its appeal by offering both a small and big block option - and many more amenities including auto trans, air conditioning and a convertible! Even so, the '67 could get it done in a straight line or on the track. Check out these neat ads.

To see these 1967 Shelby Mustang Ads - click HERE

1968 Toyota 2000 GT Test   1968 Toyota 2000 GT Road Test

We often don't consider Toyotas as sports cars until the 1980s when they invested heavily in the market by bringing the Supra over to the US. But Toyota was always in the sports car market and - as early as 1968 had a contender to what would become the Datsun 240Z. The 1968 Toyota 2000 GT test which we feature here will surprise you. Only 351 regular production cars were built - but they were legit contenders. Read this Car and Driver test to see!

Click HERE to read/download the 1968 Toyota GT 2000 Test!

1960 Plymouth Sonoramic Test
1960 Plymouth Sonoramic V8 Road Test

Plymouth opened new territory in their performance gambit by offering a plethora of performance models in 1960, but their biggest and baddest powerhouse was the "Sonoramic" 383 cid Golden Commando V8. Trust us, it was a solid performer. Hot Rod was only able to get their hands on a 361 cid version, and the "puny" 361 covered the quarter in 15.6 @ 90 MPH - imagine what the 383 was capable of. (A 383 long ram Dodge turned 15 flat with a 3.23 rear in another test).

Click HERE to check out the 1960 Sonoramic Plymouth Road Test!

The Hemi versus the Ford SOHC Have you checked out our "comparo" of the Hemi to the SOHC Ford?

As you know, we dig into the archives and pull out material to allow us to accurately do comparisons of BITD cars, engines, and other Techipedia. One of the things we did a while back was do some hard and fast statistical evaluations of the race Hemi to the Ford SOHC 427. After all the hoopla, we were surprised what we learned. Check out this neat evaluation!

Click HERE to see what was the real scoop on these two outstanding powerplants!

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