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Tuesday July 29, 2014
Some History of the Cobra, '68 Shelby GTs, '59 Mercedes 300SL, '68 AMX Bonneville Records, 472 Caddy V8 , '69 Dodge Performance Brochure, Gearhead Logic, '68 SS 327 Nova & More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at Wild About Cars and the Auto History Preservation Society
Shelby Cobras - the History and Development

Shelby Then and Now

No matter what the time and place - Carroll Shelby
put his mark on the cars he sold.


Before Carroll Shelby came along, AC Cars had been using the smooth, refined Bristol straight-6 engine in its vehicles, including its AC Ace 2-seater roadster. This engine was a pre-WW design by BMW, which had be produced under license and then acquired by Bristol. However, by the 1960s the company knew the design was outdated. In 1961, Bristol decided to cease production of this engine and to move to Chrysler 313 cu. in. V8 engines. As a result, AC started using the 2.6 liter Ford Zephyr V6 in all of its cars.

In September 1961, Carroll Shelby sent AC a letter asking them if they would build a car modified to accept a V8 engine for him. Shelby contacted AC because he had previously had a positive experience with British-American hybrids, having raced an J-2 Allard which could be fitted with Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Chrysler V-8s and which proved quite successful. Shelby liked the AC because it was simple, light (an aluminum body was fitted, and it had a reputation for being sturdy. AC agreed, provided a suitable engine could be found.

Shelby first went to Chevrolet to see if they would provide him with engines, but they declined, not wanting to add competition to their Corvette, which, at the time was involved in a "back door" factory racing program. Shelby then contacted Ford, who was looking for a way to come up with a car that could compete with the Corvette . . .

To read more - Click HERE

1968 Shelby GT Exposed
1968 Shelby GTs Introduced

As we all know, by 1967, Shelby GTs were more cruisers than the bare knuckles sports cars the 1965-66 Shelby Mustangs had been. Carroll had proved his point, and now was ready to sell a true sports luxury car slotted just over top of the Factory Pony Cars. His '67 versions had been a big success selling 3,225 units. Now the push was on for the '68 car to double that number . . .

Click Here to see the 1968 Shelby GT Intro

1959 Mercedes 300SL Roadster Brochure
  1959 Mercedes 300 SL Brochure

As the famous "gull-wing" 300SL's popularity increased,  the coupe was dropped after mid 1957 and the 300Sl was then offered as an open roadster from 1957-1963. The same engine and other running gear was still part of the package, but it became much more civilized in the the interior was set up not as a sports racer, but as an open road GT car, with all the amenities of the day, Here is the first US Brochure for the car - printed here in 1959.

To see the 1959 Mercedes 300SL Brochure - Click HERE!

1968 AMX Bonneville Record Runs
  1968 Breedlove AMX LSR Record Runs

The new AMX hit the streets in 1968 as a somewhat competitor to the venerable Corvette. It was a 2-seater, packing some hefty engine punch and good handling - but how do you overcome Corvette's long history of successful competition when you are the newbie? Well, how about taking the car to Bonneville and dropping some new class records - and while you are at it, get LSR record holder Craig Breedlove and his wife to drive the cars? Good idea? You bet.

To see the 1968 AMX Bonneville Record Runs - click HERE!

1968 Caddy 472 CID V8 Intro
  1968 Cadillac 472 cid V8 Engine Exposed 

In 1968 Cadillac stunned the world, not by introducing a modernized version of their venerable big V8, but by the size of it! At 472 cid it was bigger than the offerings of the other luxury lines buy enough to get a lot of press. By 1970 it would grow to 500 cid - effectively being the world's largest - and never topped by any manufacturer.

To see the1968 Cadillac472 CID V8 Introduction - click HERE

1969 Dodge Performance Brochure
  1969 Dodge Performance Cars Brochure

By 1969 every single manufacturer was hyping their performance cars to the max - and none more than the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corp. Those of us following it back in the day knew that Hemi, 440, 383 and even 340 V8s had what it took to kick some major-league behind, but the competition was spending big bucks to overwhelm the average Joe with their products. Dodge stepped up the act with a special performance brochure - just to stay even in the advertising game.

Click HERE to read/download the 1969 Dodge Performance Brochure!

Miles of delusion by Gearhead Logic
Miles of Delusion - Blog from Gearhead Logic

They have written songs about it, published books on it, and have made countless films about it, and it’s something we have all thought about. Now before your corrupt minds go into a sinful place, I am not speaking about that, I am talking about road trips.  Everyone loves a good road trip whether it is with friends, family or a random hitchhiker that your gut feeling told you seemed like an ok guy, even though he was holding a sign that read, “Nid 2 reach point B”. When a group of guys get together to enjoy the company of Mr. Daniels and Mr. Weiser, at some point during the night 3 topics will come up . . .

Click HERE to read more from Gearhead Logic!

1972 Corvette LT1 Test
1968 Chevy Nova 325 HP 327 Road Test

For some strange reason, hot factory Novas seem to take a back seat to the SS Chevelles and Impalas when we talk about muscle nowadays - but frankly these bad boys could be faster than both if equipped with a BB 396. Of course, many more were sold with the 327 or 350 cid performance V8 - but don't look down your nose - they still could run with the big block cars if ordered correctly. This Hot Rod Magazine article from 1968 will set the record straight.

Click HERE to see the 1968 327 Nova SS Test!

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