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Tuesday August 5, 2014
Pre-Muscle Muscle, '60 Chevy Brochure, '20s Board Race Tracks, '62 LeMans, '65 Olds BB V8 , '69 Ford Performance Brochure, '71 Hemi 'Cuda, '64 Jag S-Type & More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at Wild About Cars and the Auto History Preservation Society
Big Bad Boys - Muscle Cars did not start with the 1964 GTO!

1963 Pontiac 421 GP
In 1963 few cars could match Pontiac's 421 Grand Prix
for raw performance and luxury!

Read this road test!


by Auto History Society Staff - reprint with permission only

OK, we know most of you are aware that high-performance US cars were available even before WW II, that the hot OHV V8 era started with the Olds 88 in 1949, and that the '55 Chevy V8 began the trend of putting performance on the average American's plate. But what most people believe, cut from the lore of the 60s, is that the '64 GTO started the "Muscle Car" era. NOT SO!

Actually, the Big Three were all going at it on the street and the strip by the late 50s, essentially in a spill-over from NASCAR and USAC stock car racing.  Oh sure, if you knew someone in high places before that, you could get fixed up with a "factory special" – going all the way back to the Hudson Hornet with the 7X race engine, and if you had big bucks, you could buy the "race" version of Chrysler 300, but showroom super stocks really became a "where's your cash" mega-war beginning with the 1960 model run, where a check on the order form brought you the best the factory could offer in the performance vein.

In 1961, it started getting serious. Pontiac suddenly released a 421 cu in Super Duty block, Chevy replaced the 348 with their 409. Ford added 3-2bbls to the 390 and Dodge and Chrysler offered the ram-tuned 383 and solid lifter 413 for the Chrysler late in the year . . .

To read more of this story - Click HERE

1960 Chevrolet Brochure
1960 Chevrolet Full Line Prestige Brochure

The 1959 Chevy's radical winged styling turned ff enough customers that Ford pulled even with Chevrolet in production for the first time is quite few years, so something had to be done. A quick redesign tightened up the look and removed a lot of the swoop to the car's look for 1960 - giving Chevy an edge once again. It also sent a message "don't go far out on the styling limb with the bread and butter car". . .

Click Here to see the 1960 Chevrolet Full Line Brochure

1920 Board track History
  1920-1930 Board Tracks - Racing History

Many may not know this, but the fastest race tracks in the decade of the 20s were not places like Indy, but board track built on the model of bicycle race tracks like exist today. Steeply banked and beautifully constructed, these tracks were located all over the U.S. - even in the heart of current NASCAR land - Charlotte, NC - and were the place where top speed records were set. Millers, Duesenbergs and tons of special-made race cars knocked down incredible speeds on these tracks. Check out this story - it's amazing!

To read about these hot race tracks - Click HERE!

1962 Pontiac LeMans Test
  1962 Pontiac LeMans Road Test

The new-size (later called mid-size) BOP cars had hit the streets in 1961, but few may know that the LeMans used the Buick/Olds aluminum V8 for it's first two years. Not satisfied with that arrangement, Pontiac offered a 4-barrel option on their 4-cylinder (1/2 a big Pontiac V8) that actually delivered almost as much HP than the BO V8 - which was not available with the 4-speed as this test car was. This test tells the story - it was quite a performer!

To see the 1962 Pontiac LeMans Test - click HERE!

1965 Olds Big Block V8 Intro
  1965 Olds 425 Big Block Exposed

With the release of the new Olds small block 330 CID engine in 1964 powering the new Cutlass line, everyone knew the venerable old 394 was soon to be replaced, but when the new big block was released, it surprised many that it was merely a scaled-up version of the the Cutlass engine. There were huge benefits to this move from an assembly line approach, but what was most significant was that like its little brother, it made great HP! Check out this expose!

To see the 1965 Olds 400-425 CID V8 Introduction - click HERE

1969 Ford Performance Brochure
  1969 Ford Performance Buyer's Digest

Ford was on the performance band wagon in 1969 - just like everyone else - but for the first time they were aimed at the youth market in a big way. Advertisements, brochures, hot street models - and all levels of racing - they had it and they touted it. This "digest" was a big push for products that you, the man on the street could buy. Check it out!.

Click HERE to read/download the 1969 Ford Performance Brochure!

1971 Cuda Ads
1971 Plymouth Hemi and 340 Cuda Ads

We tend to think that muscle and pony cars dropped dead as far as the adverting went from 1971 on, but this was not the case, and especially at Mopar. This ad is a perfect example of their thinking and their push for 1971. Check this out and check out Dodge's 1971 Scat Pack Brochure while you are at it!

Click HERE to Mopar's push for performance in 1971!

1964 Jag S-Type Test
1964 Jaguar 3.8 S-Type Sedan Road Test

when most of us think about performance Jaguars in the 60s - we think of the XK-E, but Jaguar made its rep in the world from the very beginning with fast, great handling sedans. While the sleek roadsters were making Jaguar visible, it was the sales of their sporting sedans that made the Company solvent and put lots of drivers in their cars. Check out this test of the 3.8 Litre S-Type Sedan to see what we are talking about.

Click HERE to see the 1964 Jaguar S-Type Test!

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