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Friday August 8, 2014
Back to the Bricks, '64 Chevy Nova V8, '69 Shelby Ads, '64 Chrysler Newport Test, '63 Chevy Indy V8s, '64 Lark R3 Test, '56 Chevy Ads, '83 Hurst/Olds & More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at Wild About Cars and the Auto History Preservation Society
We're "Hanging Out" at Back to the Bricks on August 16th - JOIN US - Free Parking if you arrive early!

2014 Back to the Bricks

Spend Saturday, August 16th with us!

There is an 8:00 AM Cutoff for Reserved Parking
Be At the Gate By 6:00 AM to be sure of your space!


The Wild About Cars gang has official car club parking at the Back to the Bricks event on Saturday August 16, 2014 in Flint, MI. See: for more information.

We've reserved 25 spaces for WAC member's cars right in the middle of things in the downtown area which have been officially provided by the Back to the Bricks organization.

The first 25 members who arrive get these premium spaces. If you would like to attend with your car, please follow the link to print out the PARKING PASS. You must have the PARKING PASS displayed on your dash at the gate.

Important Links -

We will be located on Harrison Street (East side) between Third Street & Fourth Street click HERE for a map.



1964 Nova SS test
1964 Chevrolet Nova SS 283 V8 Road Test

Adding the Chevy Small Block to the Nova - even if it was only the 283 CID version - turned the stodgy grocery getter into a performance machine. Sure it was still a ways away from the new 327 equipped Chevelle and El Camino - but more was coming - and soon. Check out this test - it will make you want to own one.

Click Here to see the 1964 Chevrolet Nova SS Test

1969 Shelby Ad
  1969 Shelby Mustang GT Ads

It was the last year of the muscle car era Shelbys - but they went out with style. As Ford had more and more influence on the car, it became something between a Mercury Cougar and a Thunderbird - but it still packed some hefty performance punch. Unfortunately, Ford was having trouble figuring out where it should really be slotted, so they did what we see a lot of today - they dropped it - when it was still selling at its second highest numbers ever - go figure.

To check out the 1969 Shelby GT Ads - Click HERE!

1964 Chrysler Newport Test
  1964 Chrysler Newport Road Test

The Newport was Chrysler's attempt to fill a slot between the upscale Dodge 880 and the sporty 300 series. What it really did was offer the Chrysler nameplate to Dodge Polara owners. Introduced in 1962, itt was more likely that Chrysler lamented dumping the DeSoto during the early 60s recession and needed to fill that slot. Be as it may, the car was a solid entry-level Chrysler that delivered a good value albeit without a lot of the frills or performance of the senior cars.

To see the 1964 Chrysler Newport Test - click HERE!

1963 Chevy Indy Engines Exposed
  1963 Chevy Engines in the Indy Lineup

Back in the early to mid 60s the Indy 500 was open to "stock block" engines and both Chevy and Ford to some serious stabs at it in the 1963 race. This article does some detailed looks at the Chevrolet Small Block contenders, spearheaded by Mickey Thompson. The cars were not fast or durable enough to make a mark . . . but that little Ford . . . well we know what that started!

To read about the 1963 Chevrolet Indy V8s - click HERE

1964 Studebaker Lark R3 Test
  1964 Studebaker Super Lark R-3 Road Test

Many of you think of Studebaker as a stodgy family hauler with the personality of a dead fish, but back in 1963-64 the Company had a rep for some hefty performance. Thanks to supercharging and Andy Granatelli the R-Seres Stude V8s could get the job done - and none better than the R-3 Lark. Take a gander at the performance figures on this puppy and learn that even a 421 Pontiac had best be ready for this guy at the stop light. They didn't call it the Super Lark for nothing.

Click HERE to read to read the Lark R-3 Road Test!

1956 Chevrolet V8 Ads
1956 Chevrolet V8 Ads

The Chevy Small Block is a legend, but back in 1956, it was still a newbie trying to prove itself. But Chevrolet knew what the mid-50s public wanted -even for their entry-level car - and that was more than perky performance - they wanted "I'll kick your butt". But they couldn't come out and say they but what they could do is what you will see in these ads -check them out!

Click HERE for neat 1956 Chevrolet V8 Ads!

1983 Hurst/Olds PR Photos
1983 Hurst/Olds PR Photos

OK, for the most part, performance was deader than a doornail for US manufacturers in 1983. But an unlikely Division in GM decided to knock that door down albeit with something that a few years later would be considered a slug. But in 1983, the Hurst/Olds wowed them. It may be pretty tepid on the performance scale now, but the look and the go for then was top draw. The response was so good that Olds not only brought it back for 1984 - but kept it as the venerable "442" for 1985-87.

Click HERE to see the 1983 Hurst Olds Release Photos!

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