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Tuesday August 12, 2014
Ramchargers "High & Mighty", '62 Pontiac Brochure, '67 Ford GT Test, '67 Nickey Camaro Test, '59 Plymouth Ads, '69 Javelin Test, '67 Lamborghini Miura, '60 Chevy Pickup Ads & More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at Wild About Cars and the Auto History Preservation Society
Ramchargers Stories - Part 04: The "High & Mighty" Created

1959 Ramchargers High 7 Mighty
The Ramchargers first club car. The famous High & Mighty. A chopped top radically altered wheelbase 1949 Plymouth coupe with a 354 Chrysler Hemi and the world's first "tunnel ram" intake.

It was the C/Altered record holder in 1959.

Read the Rest of the Ramchargers Series!

Read about the First Chrysler Hemi


by Mike Buckel & Wild About Cars- Reprint with permission only

In 1958 the NHRA announced that the Nationals would be held at Detroit Dragway, our home track. This announcement really gelled the Ramchargers as they resolved to construct a club car that would be a winner.  The first decision was to determine in which class to compete.  C/Altered was selected because Chevys dominated the class and with the secret weapon of the ram manifold they could be defeated.  This was the very beginning of the Ramchargers attitude of being the champion of Mother Chrysler.

As good engineers, the work of designing the car was divided with committees for each group.  There was an engine, chassis, body and suspension group, each with a chairman and specific goals. The result was the High & Mighty. An early assumption was that funding limitations would preclude a full-up race engine so to compensate the car would have to have outstanding traction.

This result was the very high center of gravity and a shorted wheelbase. Relocating the rear wheels forward accomplished that goal. Where did we see this in the future?  As history has shown, this car had many technological innovations including the first four-link rear suspension, the ram manifold that placed the carburetors above the roof level and the megaphone exhaust pipes . . .

To read more of this story - Click HERE

1962 Pontiac Brochure
1962 Pontiac Prestige Brochure

In 1962 Pontiac was on a roll; performance in loads, styling that wowed them, and even some new models like the Grand Prix were acting like magnets, drawing people to the showrooms in droves. And it was working, because in 1962 the brand sold almost 200,000 more cars than in 1961. See why these "Wide Track Pontiacs" were knocking 'me dead . . .

Click Here to see the 1962 Pontiac Large Car Brochure

1967 Ford GT 40 Test
  1967 Ford Mark III (GT40) Road Test

To all us racing nuts who follow the 60s, the Ford GTs stand out as one heck of an icon - especially their domination of LeMans. But few know that after Ford stopped backing the effort, the cars continued to be built. And Holman Moody will build one for you now. ""Privateers" raced them and won even LeMans well into the 70s. So here is a road test of the production cars - check out it awesome performance!

To read about the Ford GT 40 - Click HERE!

1967 Nickey 427 Camaro Test
  1967 Nickey 427 Camaro Road Test.

OK, so GM had a ban on engines over 400 CID in mid-size, compact, and pony cars - but that did not stop the hot rod industry from taking these larger powerplants and stuffing them in there anyway. And when they realized that the 427 CID Chevrolet V8 would fit in the Camaro's engine bay, a ton of performance dealers got on the band wagon. One of the most significant was Nickey Chevrolet in Chicago, IL. Read about the awesome beast they unleashed!

To see the 1967 Nickey 427 Camaro Test - click HERE!

1959 Plymouth Ads
  1959 Plymouth Ads

You can't say Plymouth wasn't trying. They were number three in the low price field, not because of anything they didn't do - but because they were still trying to get past their stodgy styling of the early 50s, that had typed them as out of the mainstream. Well, to get the public's attention, they pumped up the look of their cars, offered outstanding performance and engineering and then attempted to sell all that to the public. See what they were touting!

To see these neat Plymouth Ads - click HERE

1969 Javilin vs The World
  How the 1969 Javelin Stacked Up versus the Other Pony Cars

Hey, even today the AMC Javelin seems to get lost in the shuffle when pony cars are discussed, but the car was easily an equal to the Mustangs, Camaros and Barracudas. Trouble was, AMC just didn't have the Ad dollars or the dealer network to compete. No matter what, the Javelin - even in 343 CID form was an equal to the Big Three offerings. Check out this test and see what we mean!.

Click HERE to read/download the 1969 Javelin Test!

1967 Miura Test
1967 Lamborghini Miura Exposed.

We know the Miura was a game changer. What we should also realize is that the car started what we now see as the "exotic" class of performance cars. Prior to the arrival of this rear-engined beauty, most cars released by European manufacturers were either race cars or what we now call GTs. The Miura fit right in between - a GT that was much more a race car engineering-wise than a tourer. So read this article and see why the car was so earth-shattering!

Click HERE to read this awesome Miura test!

1960 Chevy Truck Ad
We're Starting to Load Trucks Too!

We have been steadily loading sport and pickup data on the website for a few months, but we have kept it low-key. Basically, we are working at loading Ads and Brochures, but we will start focusing on road tests too. Check out what we are doing.

Click HERE to see the 1960 Chevy Pickup Truck Ad!

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