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Friday August 15, 2014
Eric White's '67 GTO, '61 Chrysler 300F, '57 Thunderbird, '67 Maserati, '32 Lincoln Coupe, '61 Corvette, '59 Plymouth Sport Fury, '2013 Shelby & More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at Wild About Cars and the Auto History Preservation Society
1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible -
Eric White's Gold Goat Has Got It All!

1967 GTO Convertible

Clean and pristine - not to mention awesome,
Eric's 1967 GTO convertible has it all!

1967 GTO Convertible

Details, details, details - this car is real close to perfection.

Click Here to check out this 67 GTO Road Test!


by Eric White, AHPS President, reprint with permission only

With my first good paying job nailed down, I immediately began the search for my first muscle car. My quest led me to Mound, MN and a red 1967 GTO convertible. Due to the fact that the car wouldn't start (tired timing chain), I was forced to flat-tow the dead Goat all the way to apartments in Oakdale (a suburb of St. Paul) behind my '74 Ventura, in the middle of an early February snowstorm.

I kept that first GTO until March 1982. Before selling it, however, I took the time to salvage the set of rare reclining/headrest bucket seats for use in the next GTO I would most certainly soon possess.

In the late spring of '82 the present GTO came into view. After selling the red, 3-speed automatic goat, I started to track down another '67 convertible, but this time I wanted a manual trans car.

Thanks to the Tradin' Times, a local wanted-ads paper, I found a black, 4-speed, drop top car in the Twin Cities' "Midway" area. After a close inspection and some numbers checking, I determined that the black paint and white top were wrong, and a 1967 326 c.i. engine had found its way into the engine compartment.

Not to worry, the paint and top were in decent condition for now, and as a replacement for the little 326, I already had a big-cube 428 ready and waiting at home.

I became slightly ambitious, and removed the GTO's front clip. After refinishing the front half of the frame the 428 was installed and a set of '69 Grand Prix 14" x 7" Rally II wheels were located and restored.

About this time a friend and co-worker, who also drove Pontiacs, purchased a '67 400 HO engine. When the engine was disassembled for inspection, he didn't like what he found. Before returning it to the seller, he asked me if I would be interested in the HO/RA exhaust manifolds and the original Fresh Air carburetor tub. You bet! Yes, I did check, and the engine was not an original Ram Air unit.

In the spring of 1984 I decided to perform another engine transplant; exchanging the 428 in favor of a '67 GTO YS 400 c.i. power plant. Off came the front clip again. This time around I had the inner fenders and radiator core support stripped and repainted. With the freshly detailed engine compartment, new carpet and top boot, I took the car to Kalamazoo, MI and my first GTOAA national convention . . .

Click HERE to read the rest of the story!

1960 Chrysler 300F Test
1961 Chrysler 300F Road Test

From the moment of inception, the Chrysler 300 had been a hairy hot rod for the big bucks set, but as the years wore on, the car started to become more cruiser and less hot rod. The boys at Mopar recognized this and decided to do something about that. with the 300F, they installed the famous "long ram" manifold on the 413 CID RB block and added the option of a 4-speed tranny, something that 300s had never had. But not to worry, the luxury was still there - and now so was the performance - just like back in 1957. Zowie!

Click Here to see the 1960 Chrysler 300F Test

1957 Thunderbird Brochure
  1957 Thunderbird Brochures

The Thunderbird was dramatically styled for 1957, surprising for a car that only had this year left in its life span. Mechanically, it was pretty much the 1955 and 1956 offering, though more engine and other convenience options were offered. For a swan song, the 1957 Thunderbird may be one of the best offerings to come from Ford. The look was unique, the car was a timeless styling exercise, and it solidified the concept of the personal luxury car.

To check out the 1957 Ford Thunderbird Brochure - Click HERE!

1967 Maserati Test
  1967 Maserati Quattroporte Road Test

Maserati, known for their amazing GTs and race cars - decided to build a luxury sedan that would rival the famous Mercedes cars BUT would have one thing they didn't have - superior performance equal to the best GT machines offered by Ferrari and others. "Quattroporte" means four doors - it kinda described it, but it also established a car that exists even today.

To see the 1967 Maserati Quattroporte Test - click HERE!

1932 Lincoln KB Coupe
  1932 Lincoln KB Dietrich Coupe Retrospect

From the 60s onward, we tend to think of Lincoln as being second fiddle in its market segment, but back in the 30s Lincoln was just another alternative luxury automobile. Surprisingly Lincoln actually had started out in GM, but was discarded as being too close to Cadillac in market share. Once Henry took it over, he quickly added solid quality and custom coach building to the line. The results were awesome and the car sold well.

To read about the 1932 Lincoln - click HERE

1961 Corvette Ad
  1961 Corvette Ads

Corvette was a hot seller in 1961, steadily increasing its sales from 10,261 in 1960 to 10,939. The new rear deck was a precursor to the '63 Sting Ray, and to some seemed out of place, but it quickly caught one and became favored by Corvette fans. The 283 Fuelie was at it highest level of development, putting out 315 HP!.

Click HERE to read to see 1961 Corvette Ads!

1959 Plymouth Models described
1959 Plymouth Models Described

Since its introduction in 1956, the Fury was Plymouth's performance model, always offering more and more punch as each year went on. For 1959, Plymouth actually added a line above the Belvedere and the Fury - the Sport Fury - which was now the performance model. Confusing? Yeah we're betting that the buyers were too. Regardless, the new car offered two pretty hefty engines, the "Dual Fury" 2-4barrel 318 and the "Golden Commando" 350 CID 2-4 barrel job!

Click HERE to check out the 1959 Plymouth Models!

2013 Shelby GT 500 Brochure
2013 Shelby American Brochure

Well, we know Ford used the Shelby as an alternative to the Corvette once the Mustang was in place, but for a time it moved away from competing with the bowtie brigade and became a sport luxury car. Not so when it was reintroduced in 2007. It was not quite a Corvette, but it was a very solid performer - and much, much more than a sporty cruiser. "Power that will slam your senses - 662 HP worth - explains it all.

Click HERE to see the 2013 Shelby Brochures!

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