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Tuesday August 19, 2014
WAC & AHPS - We Are One! '67Dodge R/T Test, '70 Ford Mach 1 Ads, '57 Plymouth Models, '68 Corvette 427 Drive, '58 Ferrari Test, '57 Buick Brochure, 'Ford's 427 Tunnel Port Exposed, & More!

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1967 Dodge RT Test
1967 Dodge Coronet R/T 440 Road Test

In 1967 Dodge introduced the Dodge Coronet R/T (Road and Track), powered by a hopped up 440 CID wedge V8. Aside from the 10 extra HP that the performance version of the 440 delivered, what was also present in the R/T package was the inclusion of the sport interior borrowed from the Charger, heavy duty suspension and quicker steering. What the magazines liked was the big motor's performance potential and the relatively light weight of the Coronet body style. Check out this performance tweak and road test .

Click Here to see the 1967 Dodge R/T Test

1970 Mustang Mach 1 Ad
  1970 Mustang Mach 1 Ads

By 1970, the Mustang was the "mature" pony car, having been around since mid-1964. But Ford recognized that the car has to be new and exciting as much as possible each and every year. Thus, for 1970, even though the car was on last year's sheet metal, Ford pulled out all the stops in a slick redesign of the nose and added nice touches to the sides, and none more so than the Mach 1, introduced in 1969. Best, the car had more power in the base engine, now the " 351 C" and, of course, the famous Cobra-Jet 428.

To Check out the 1970 Mustang Ads - Click HERE!

1957 Plymouth Models
  1957 Plymouth Models Described

We've been working hard to break down and describe for you important facts on the different brands by year. We focused on two "orphaned" brands first: Hudson and Packard. Now we are going forward to describe a recent loss - Plymouth. What we are doing is outlining the facts and figures for the Plymouths of the 50s and 60s, and we've done 1958 and 1959 already. Of course, we will eventually cover all the post-war years for the brand right up until its demise. Check out how we are doing this.

To see the 1957 Plymouths Described - click HERE!

1968 Corvette Drive Impression
  1968 Corvette 427 Driving Impressions

The 1968 Corvette had all new styling for 1968 and some great improvements in the chassis department too. But to many, it came off looking larger and heavier. Folks were worried that performance would suffer, and Chevrolet was quick to get 427-equipped cars in the hands of the magazines to dispel that notion. This 1968 driving impression quickly put to rest that Corvette had lost its performance touch - as this article said: "Great, Greater, Greatest".

To see this neat 427 Corvette driving Impression - click HERE

1958 Ferrari 250 Test
  1958 Ferrari 250 GT Europa Road Test

Today we know that Ferraris are hot ships for those with a big checkbook, but back in 1958, Ferraris were rare and considered exotic and typical "sports cars" great on handling, but not as fast as American iron. Well this test of the 1958 GT and the 4.9 Super Fast dispelled all that. Check out just how quick this V-12 coupe was - and remember this is 1958!

Click HERE to read/download the 1958 Ferrari Road Test!

1957 Buick Brochure
1957 Buick Brochure

Considered by many to be the best execution of 1950s styling, the '57 Buick was a very handsome car. Clean, crisp, and appearing smaller and more lithe than its actual size, the 1957 Buicks also boasted a performance increase with a new V8 that was a redesigned from top to bottom "Nailhead" with a ton more HP and torque. But a major Recession was starting and for all its good looks, sales dropped by over 150,000 units for the year. The good news? This recession would convince GM to build "mid-size" cars. The rest is history.

Click HERE to See this gorgeous 1957 Buick Brochure!

1967 Ford 427 Tunnel Port
1967 Ford Tunnel Port 427 Wedge Exposed

How to defeat the Hemi. That was Ford's dilemma in 1966-1968. The SOHC had been outlawed, the high rise 427 was OK on short tracks, but on the super speedways not so good. The answer came in a motor that was terrible on the street, and mediocre at the drags, but in NASCAR - well suddenly Ford had something for the "Elephant". See what made up this super high rpm big block.

Click HERE to see the Ford 427 Tunnel Port Exposed!

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