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Tuesday September 26, 2014
Tight Tuesday: '68 Continental, '49Cadillac Ads, '68 AMX, '53 Studebaker, '62 Dodge Ramcharger, '64 Olds Sports Models, '63 Chevy 327-409 & More!

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1959 Ramchargers High 7 Mighty

Ramchargers Stories - Part 04
The "High & Mighty"

1963 Pontiac 421 GP

Big Bad Boys - Muscle Cars
did not start with the 1964 GTO!

1963 Ford-Mercury 427

Ford's FE Big Block Story
Part 1 - 1958 through 1965

1962 Max wedge 413

Chrysler's"RB" Wedge Development Through the Years
Hot Stuff from the Editors at the Auto History Preservation Society
1968 Continental Mark III Intro
1968 Lincoln Continental Mark III Introduction

The Mark III Lincoln Continental was Ford Motor Company's attempt to bring back the image of luxury generated by the the 1941-48 and 1956 Continentals before it. But one thing had changed - manufacturing processes. It would have been quite difficult to build what was essentially a custom-bodied car on the highly sophisticated assembly lines of the 60s, so Lincoln settled for pinpoint quality control and the most sophisticated list of equipment the era could provide. Check out what made the Continental Mark III different from its competition. Bonus - test drive.

Click Here to read about the introduction of the Lincoln Continental Mark III

1949 Coupe DeVille Ad
  1949 Cadillac Ads

Cadillac had always been known as a prestige automaker prior to the 1949 year, but the world was stunned when the maker offered the first modern OHV V8 in 1949 (cadillac had offered OHV V12s and V16s in the 30s), coupled with a gorgeous hardtop coupe, both dramatic and offering a practical solution to the owner who wanted a more open feel and great looks! Check out the tenor of these ads and get an insight into the mind set of the luxury car buy right after WW II.

To see All the 1949 Cadillac Ads- Click HERE!

1968 AMX Sports Car
  1968 - Is the AMX a True Sports Car?

Back when the AMX was released, there were only two US sports cars out there, the Corvette, and the then out of production Cobra. American Motors sought to capitalize on the lack of competition for the Corvette by chopping 12" out of the Javelin chassis and removing the rear seat - building the AMX - and marketing it as a two-seat sports car. Did they succeed? Check out this evaluation and these road tests.

To see this 1968 AMX discussion - click HERE!

1953 Studebaker Ads
  1953 Studebaker Ads

Many may not know of the impact that the Raymond Lowey designed 1953 Studebaker had on the auto industry. This design, when applied to the two-door cope was not only inspirational but way beyond state of the art and would influence the look of cars in the late 50s and 60s. Low, sleek and just plain good looking, the Studebaker even had performance when mated to the then hot Stude V8. The car would spawn the famous Golden Hawk and the Hawk GT and even become the platform for the Avanti.

To see the 1953 Studebaker Ads - click HERE

1962 Dodge Ramcharger Test   1962 Dodge 413 Ram Charger Road Test

The release of the 413 Dodge Ramcharger (and companion Plymouth Max Wedge) stunned the hot rod world. Not that Mopars weren't quite quick back then (like this Plymouth "Sonoramic"), but this was the first purpose-built drag race package by Chrysler Corporation. Prior to that, it was their "street" performance packages that had won notoriety - but everyone else was making drag race packages, so Chrysler followed suit. Well, we all know what happened then - Mopar domination thru the 60s!

Click HERE to read the 1962 Dodge Ramcharger 413 Test!

1964 Olds Sports Cars Brochure
1964 Olds "Sports Cars" Brochure

We know that the Olds 442 debuted in 1964, but we also know that the car was a reaction to the Pontiac GTO. This brochure is a great window into Oldsmobile's thinking prior to the bombshell that pontiac dropped and really explains how much the "supercar" from Pontiac turned performance thinking and marketing on its ear. Meanwhile, peruse this gem to see what Olds thought were hot numbers for 1964!

Click HERE to check out the 1964 Olds "Sports Cars" Brochure!

1963 Two Impalas Test 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 and 327 Road Test

We tend to remember the "409" Chevy mostly as it was in its drag race combo, with two 4-barrels and 425 HP, but the majority of BB Chevys were of the 340 HP variety and many times coupled to the infamous "Turbo glide" auto trans. And many more Impalas and other models were delivered with the hearty 327 mill. Check out this article which tests the more popular offerings of V8 power from Chevrolet. You will see that they were plenty peppy and you will better understand what Americans were buying in the performance mainstream.

Click HERE to see the 1963 409 and 327 Impalas Test!

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