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Friday August 29, 2014
Fast Friday: '70 LS6, Torino SCJ & 440-6 Compared, '69 Ford Boss 302 Brochure, '68 Pony Cars Compared, '67 Super Sport Brochure, Earl Lewis '67 GTO, '55 Caddy Brochure, '63 Avanti Poster & More!

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1959 Ramchargers High 7 Mighty

Ramchargers Stories - Part 04
The "High & Mighty"

1963 Pontiac 421 GP

Big Bad Boys - Muscle Cars
did not start with the 1964 GTO!

1963 Ford-Mercury 427

Ford's FE Big Block Story
Part 1 - 1958 through 1965

1962 Max wedge 413

Chrysler's"RB" Wedge Development Through the Years
Hot Stuff from the Editors at the Auto History Preservation Society
1970 Muscle Car Comparo
1970 Plymouth 440-6, Chevelle LS6 454, Ford Torino 429 CJ Road Test

OK, this was 1970 and everyone had muscle, but who were the bad boys on main street? There were a lot of contenders, but these three could arguably be one you'd have wanted to be behind the wheel of when throw down time came around. As we like to say, "How did your car stack up?" See how they did. BTW, if you'd like to see a Buick GS 455 an Olds W-30, a Pontiac GTO RA IV, a AMC Rebel Machine and even a Hemi Dodge Challenger for comparison, click on the highlighted links.

Click Here to read the Comparison Test

1969 Boss 302 Brochure
  1969 Ford Boss 302 and Boss 429 Brochures

when it came to the Mustang, Ford usually just included the hi-po offerings as part of the option list and focused on the different models and body styles. But for 1969 two "Boss" models were introduced, and Ford wanted you to know about them - so they published special brochures for the Boss 302 (seen here) and the Boss 429. Check out how Ford pitched these two cars and while you are at it, check out these two road tests, one for the Boss 302 and one for the Boss 429!

To see the Boss 302 and Boss 429 Brochures - Click HERE!

1968 Pony Cars Compared
  1968 Pony Cars Compared

by 1968, everyone had a 4-seat sporty car for buyers to clamp onto, but which one was the one to grab up? Many magazines tested one or the other individually, but Motor Trend Magazine decided to stick 'em all in one gala test and really see how each one stacked up against the other. They tried real hard to pit equal cars, but that's difficult - see what they came up with!

To see this "sporty car" comparison Road Test - click HERE!

1967 Chevrolet Super Sports Brochure
  1967 Chevy Super Sport Brochure

With the roll out of the new Camaro, Chevy decided to push real hard on their performance oriented models across the entire product line. The "SS" moniker was already applied to most of the different car lines when the top performance and sport interiors were selected, but the maker decided to really push it in 1967. The result was this "Super Sports" Brochure. While you are at it, you might want to check out the Chevrolet ads for 1967.

To see the 1967 Chevrolet Super Sports Brochure - click HERE

Earl Lewis 1967 GTO   Featured 1967 GTO - Earl Lewis finds the love he lost in 1972

Earl Lewis’s love affair with the Pontiac GTO began way back in 1967, when he went to pick up a friend to give him a ride home. The friend worked at a Pontiac dealer, and when Earl came down the hill in his current ride, a ‘62 Chevy Bel Air with a 283 bored out to 301, Isky cam with milled heads and a 4-speed, he saw a 1967 GTO on the dealer's lot . . .

Click HERE to check out Earl's awesome ride!

1955 Cadillac Brochure
1955 Cadillac Brochure

Cadillac was riding high after WW II, setting what they liked to say "The Standard of the World". In fact, in the '50s they were right! No other maker has such quality, so many features, and for the time such dramatic styling. See how Caddy presented their offerings for 1955 - and while you are at it, check out these wonderful 1955 Cadillac Ads.

Click HERE to check out the 1955 Cadillac Brochure!

1967 Plymouth GTX Test 1963 Studebaker Avanti Introduction Poster

The word "avanti" in Italian means "GO" and that is exactly what Studebaker wanted to connote when they released their performance bombshell in 1963. The look was dramatic, all the magazines raved about it - and for the specialty car it was, it sold well. But what Studebaker hoped for did not happen - increased sales of their Lark and Hawk GT lines. Regardless, the Avanti was a benchmark car - and even more so that it came from Studebaker, who in two years would no longer be a US manufacturer and shortly thereafter would fade into oblivion.

Click HERE to see the 1963 Avanti Poster!

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