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Friday September 5, 2014
Fast Friday: '69 Luxury Cars Compared, '68 Camaro Z/28 Brochure, '63 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Test, '65 Hemi Under Glass Exposed, Wayne Shipley 66 442, '66 Street Hemi Brochure, '62 Buick Wildcat Test & More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at the Auto History Preservation Society
1969 Luxury Cars Test
1969 Olds 88, Buick Wildcat, Bonneville, Chrysler Newport Road Test

By 1969 luxury cars were not only available at the top of most lines, but what had been mid-price leader models now also offered almost the same level of opulence that the big boys had. Pontiac had started this with the Bonneville, in the mid 60s, morphing from a performance oriented offering to more of a luxo-barge, and then others like Buick then Olds followed suit. Chrysler had actually started the trend with the 300 non-letter series cars but dropped it and had to return with an upscale Newport . . .

Click Here to read the Comparison Test

1968 Camaro Z28 Brochure
  1968 Camaro Z-28 Brochure

Little known is that for only one year, Camaro had a special brochure for the Z-28. When introduced at the end of the model year in 1967, the now famous offering, in place to allow competition in the Trans-Am series, languished, virtually unknown by the buyer. Well, Chevrolet intended to fix that - and this brochure, plus the delivery of numerous Z/28s to the press cured that! Check it out and compare the pitch to how Chevy pushed the car later on.

To see the Camaro Z-28 Brochure - Click HERE!

1963 Ferrari SuperAmeria Test
  1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Road Test

By 1963 ferrari was well established in the US, but for whatever reason, the hottest sports models did not get a lot of press. Ferrari solved that problem by delivering a GT car that was luxurious - and damn fast, and that car was the 400 Superamerica. Combining their racing know how with as much great styling and luxury as could be stuffed into a light coupe, the result was this gorgeous car. Read this test, you will feel what Ferrari was trying to tell the American public.

To see this Ferrari Road Test - click HERE!

1965 Hemi Under Glass exposed
  1965 Hemi Under Glass Exposed

What started to happen in 1964 and 1965 in drag racing was then called "exhibition runs", but what quickly became a platform for both the manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers to tout their wares. George Hurst was a master of taking advantage of this phenomenon and one of his first shots was to team up with Chrysler and build the rear engined Hemi Under Glass. This car has been recreated and still does exhibition runs - go see it and you will see what a successful setup this was!

To see the 1965 Hurst Hemi Under Glass Exposed - click HERE

Wayne Shipley 1966 442 Racer   Featured - Wayne Shipley's 1966 442 Runs in the Low 10's!

Wayne runs the car in a group called the 422 Allstars, a '60s nostalgia super stock exhibition team organized by PA Ford guru Rich Lamont. The 422Allstars series travels to many fine Mid-Atlantic tracks each year to carry spectators back to drag racing's golden age when Detroit's big iron ruled. Wayne says, "These are the finest bunch of gearheads I've ever met in my 48 years in drag racing" . . . You can see Wayne compete by checking out the schedule HERE.

Click HERE to check out Wayne's awesome ride!

1966 Street Hemi Brochure
1966 Street Hemi Brochure

Plymouth and Dodge scooped the supercar crowd with the release of the Hemi as a simple order form checkbox in 1966. To cover the crowd - Plymouth released this brochure, "What Makes Plymouth's Hemi So Hot?". The good thing about the brochure is that it give great detail into the guts of the Street Hemi, so if you want to know what was inside this awesome mill, check out this brochure. And if you want to see some road tests click HERE.

Click HERE to check out the 1966 Street Hemi Brochure!

1962 Buick wildcat Test 1962 Buick Wildcat Road Test

The Buick Wildcat was a mid-year introduction for Buick in 1962 - a slick takeoff on what was becoming a trend in Detroit - great performing luxury cars. Of course, this field had been owned by the Chrysler 300 letter series cars - but you'd better have some coin to get into one of those, the Wildcat, Olds Starfire, and Pontiac Grand Prix jumped all over that market and stole the show - see how the Wildcat was received in 1962.

Click HERE to see the 1962 Buick Wildcat Road Test!

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