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Tuesday September 9, 2014
Tight Tuesday: '70 Ford Maverick, '56 Plymouth Models, '62 Fuelie Vette, '52 Cadillac Ads, '62 Chrysler 300H, '65 Pontiac Performance Brochure, '65 Buick GS & More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at the Auto History Preservation Society
1970 For Maverick Intro
1970 Ford Maverick Introduction

We look at it now, and say "pretty cheesy", but BITD the 1970 Maverick was Ford's attempt to go head to head with the imports by providing a solid piece of transportation at a very low price. Of course, you could load up the Maverick wit a sport interior, V8 and the like, and before you knew it it was as expensive as a Mustang . . . but that is and was the American way.

Click Here to read about the introduction of the Ford Maverick

1956 Plymouth Fury
  1956 Plymouth Models Described

The 1956 Plymouths were introduced October 21, 1955. The new Fury Sport Coupe appeared in dealer showrooms January 7, 1956. New technical features for 1956 included: a 12-volt electrical system, independent handbrake, and pushbutton automatic transmission controls. For the 1956 model year Plymouth face-lifted the body that had been introduced in 1955. Model year production was 571,634 units.

To see All the 1956 Plymouth models - Click HERE!

1962 Fuel Injected Corvette Test
  1962 Fuel Injected Corvette Road Test

The big deal for 1962, as far as Corvette was concerned, was the introduction of the 327 CID V8. Adding 44 cubic inches to the Chevrolet small block actually made it more potent than the 348 W-Series engine (and necessitating its increase to 409 CID). More important - the 327 fuel injection engine made an astounding 360 HP! With quarter mile times of 14.9 @ 102 MPH, on those hard, skinny tires shows how much oomph that Corvette had.

To see this 1962 Corvette Fuelie Road Test - click HERE!

1952 Cadillac Ads
  1952 Cadillac Ads

1952 was Cadillac's Golden Anniversary and they pulled out all the advertising stops, not to mention offering a host of new features for the cars. A 20 percent increase in power for the V8 from 160 HP to 190 via a 4-barrel carb, rich new interiors, power steering, to name a few. Check out these ads and see why Cadillac claimed they were "The Standard of the World".

To see the 1952 Cadillac Ads - click HERE

1962 Chrysler 300H Test   1962 Chrysler 300H Road Test

The Chrysler 300 Letter Series were performance and luxury personified and the 1962 300 H was no exception. For this year the 300 could be had with either 380 or 405 HP, which meant that you got either 2 4-barrels in-line or those carbs on a long ram manifold and a mean mechanical cam with 292 degrees of duration! Even with the "standard" engine as in this test, the car was quite capable with a street quarter mile of 15.7. The "hot" one could hit the high 14s in street trim - and in drag race trim - look out - 13.02 - wow!

Click HERE to read the 1962 Chrysler 300H Road Test!

1965 Pontiac Performance Brochure
1965 Pontiac Performance Brochure

By 1965 Pontiac made no bones about its love of performance cars and their brochure for the hi-po cars was labeled "From the Performance Makers". Featuring only the GTO and the 2+2, there still was a bunch of models to choose - from mild to wild, with the 2+2 offering a mighty 376 HP 421. Check out all the options and pictures in this awesome brochure - it will send you back to 1965 in a hurry!

Click HERE to check out the 1965 Pontiac Performance Brochure!

1965 Buick GS 400 Test 1965 Buick Skylark GS Road Test

Buick was late to the dance when it came to offering what was then known as a "supercar", but when they got there, they did a masterful job with the 1965 Skylark GS. The engine was the venerable 401 CID "Nailhead", that Buick had been hopping up since 1953, so they knew what to do. Fitting it with the pieces from the 340 HP 425 CID (you could get the 2-4s manifold over the counter), the car developed a healthy 325 HP and ran like it had a bit more than that. Check out this test and see if Buick was in the supercar hunt.

Click HERE to see the 1965 Buick Skylark GS Test!

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