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Friday September 12, 2014
Fast Friday: '66 Twin-Engine Toronado, '66 Hurst Hairy Olds, "The Runner-Ups", '54 Corvette Concepts, Guss Platell's '55 Stepside, '60 Chrysler Ads, '56 Lincoln Test & More!

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Hot Stuff from the Editors at the Auto History Preservation Society
1966 Twin Engine Toronado Exposed
Grant Industries 1966 Twin-engine Toronado

The advent of the Toronado with its front drive unit that was basically a pre-packaged driveline, inspired some twin-engined concepts and race cars like the Hurst "Hairy Olds" - see below. But perhaps the most famous of the streetable cars was the Grant Industries version. Built to showcase their performance product line, the car was so well done that it was almost imperceptible that there was another engine out back until one put the pedal to the metal. Check out the quality approach that Grant Industries took to get this car done . . .

Click Here to read about the Grant Industries Toronado

1966 Hurst Hairy Olds
  1966 Hurst Hairy Olds Exposed

If you're an Olds guy and you haven't heard about the Hurst Hairy Olds, we have to assume you were unconscious for your entire life. Two Toronado drivelines that could be transferred to a race-prepped chassis too - and that is exactly what George Hurst did in 1966 - which was the only way he could top the "Hemi Under Glass" of 1965. The 442 was so successful that it was reskinned as a 67 for the next year. Of course, with two supercharged 425 engines "Gentleman Joe Shubeck" was lucky not to kill himself on each run - but what a show!

To see the Hurst Hairy Olds Exposed - Click HERE!

1965 Buick Riviera GS Ad
  The Runner-Ups - cars we forgot existed or were ever built

Blog by  Jesse Garcia - Staff writer and car nut par excellence
“Oh yeah . . .” the phrase your inner voice tells you when your brain finds a memory or a thought that had been otherwise lost in the abyss of your self-conscious. With normal people it is usually a childhood memory, or the name of someone you once knew. For Gearheads it’s usually a car we forgot existed or was ever built. It is difficult for us to remember every single car, but the most famous cars do stay fresh in our minds . . .

Click HERE to read Jesse's Great Blog!

1954 Corvette Concepts
  1954 Corvette Concept Cars Brochure

We all remember the Chevy "Nomad" Station Wagon for 1955-57, but did you know it was first released as a Corvette concept in 1954? The car was so well received, that Chevrolet went immediately to production for the mainstream Chevy line. What is most fascinating is that they lifted the entire look - with virtually no changes - to the car we all know. GM styling was hitting on all cylinders back then. But this brochure also has the "Corvair" Corvette too!

To see the 1954 Corvette Concepts Brochure - click HERE

Guss Platell 55 Chevy Stepside   Living History - Guss Platell's 1955 Chevrolet Stepside pickup truck

Guss Platell's 1955 Chevrolet Stepside pickup was treated to a total, frame-off restoration in late 2007. The body is all-steel, and the truck is painted in GM Lemonwood Yellow. It features a smoothed firewall, inner panels, and radiator panel, Painless wiring, with Dakota Digital 2012 VHX Dashboard kit in blue backlight, Vintage Air A/C, and a GM crate 350 Chevrolet with 4-bolt mains and an Edelbrock 600 cfm carb with Performer inlet and Billet air cleaner - and much, much more - check it out!

Click HERE to check out this awesome ride!

1960 Chrysler Ads
1960 Chrysler Ads

1960 was significant in two aspects for Chrysler cars; unit body construction was all new and all featured the Chrysler 300 style grille opening and front fascia with just a different grille treatment. Each model features different grillwork, but there was no question that the intention was to emulate the high performance image of the 300F. It must have worked, because sales jumped by over 6,000 units (8.9% increase) to 75,463 during one of the deepest recessions.

Click HERE to check out the 1960 Chrysler cars Advertisements!

1956 Lincoln Test 1956 Lincoln Road Test

For 1956, Lincoln made some big changes - new chassis, new transmission, new engine, and a revamp of the styling introduced in 1952 that some say made the most handsome standard Lincoln ever, next to its big brother the Mark II Continental. The engine made a leap from 341 to 368 cubes and with better heads and more compression, which jumped it 50 HP. Everything was enhanced and many new features were added, making Lincoln an exciting Competitor to Cadillac and Chrysler.

Click HERE to see the 1956 Lincoln Road Test!

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