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Friday September 19, 2014
Fast Friday: Last FF Newsletter, '67 Ram Air GTO, '59 Sport Fury, '68 375HP Camaro, Jerry Tomasello '70 Torino, '68 'Cuda 340S, '65 Ford GT 40 & More!

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Last FF Newsletter
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1967 GTO Ram Air Test
  1967 Ram Air GTO Road Test

Ram Air GTOs had been around from 1965, but most of those pieces ended up in the hands of racers. But for 1967, the RA option would become a staple of the little guy, who would walk into the showroom and ask for the order box to be checked. What's most important is that Pontiac did not dilute the car once they offered it to the man on the street, no sir, it was as fast or faster than the '66 - even though tri-power was on longer available - check out this test.

To read the 1967 GTO Ram Air Test - Click HERE!

1959 Sport Fury Ads
  1959 Plymouth Sport Fury Ads

The Fury had been around since 1956 and it really came into its own as a performance car in 1957. Even so, it was mostly a Belvedere with the hottest engine and some unique styling. But for 1959, the car became the "Sport Fury", with the Fury nameplate moving to become an upscale nameplate above the Belvedere. And now a hardtop and convertible were offered. To make that Sport Fury the performance line the new "B" wedge was enlarged to 361 CID and HP was an under-rated 305.

To see the 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury Ads - Click HERE!

1954 Corvette Concepts
  1968 375 HP 396 Camaro Road Test

The 375 HP 396 had showed up in the Chevelle SS for 1965 as the Z-16 option. In that iteration it was a slightly de tuned version of the 425 HP Corvette motor. It returned in 1966 in the Chevelle with a bit less tooth - but still outstanding power and performance. Well, when that same engine showed up in the Camaro, you had Corvette-like Big Block performance. Check out this test to see what we mean!

To see the 1968 Camaro 375 HP road test - click HERE

Jerry Tomasello 1970 Ford Torino   Living History - Jerry Tomasello's 1970 Ford Torino 429 CJ

The 1970 Ford Torino was Motor Trend's Car Of The Year in 1970 and Jerry remembered saying "Wow, I'd really like to have that car". It was always on his mind. Well, it only took 35 years for him to get one. He bought this car in 2005 - the body was already painted, but it needed other work. Over the next 2 years he completely rebuilt the engine, all the running gear, suspension, interior, wiring, etc, and installed A/C.

Click HERE to check out this awesome ride!

1968 Barracuda 340S Test
1968 Plymouth Barracuda 340S Road Test

When most of us think of Barracudas we tend to think of the 383-440 or Hemi cars, but the bread and butter performance 'Cuda was the 340 CID version, which rand real hard for being a small block. Until 1970 the so equipped car were called Barracuda 340-S. This test is one of many featured from 1967 thru 1969 in our Library, but it really hits on what made this car so great.

Click HERE to check out the 1968 Barracuda 340-S Road Test!

1956 Lincoln Test 1965 Ford GT 40 Ad

nowadays we're used to seeing swoopy race-inspired cars in ads - heck half the cars over $60K look like that - but in 1965 there weren't any US cars except for concepts that would look that part - except for Ford. In a bid to wrest the FIA world championship for GT cars from Ferrari, Henry Ford II decreed that engineers should come up with a car to do it and the super-famous GT40 was that piece. But not only did they race it, but they touted it in ads - check this one out!

Click HERE to see the Ford Racing GT40 Ad!

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