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Wednesday October 22, 2014
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1965 Pontiac 2+2 and GTO Ad

The Paper Chase Part 1
Selling the Sizzle

Morris 1959 Ford Fairlane

New Zealander Karyn Morris
shares her 1959 Ford with us!

1954 Olds F-88

1954 Olds F-88 Sports Car
Part One - Why the F88?

1963 Cobra Ad

The Cobra Story - a Focused View
into the 1963-67 Car

Jerry Lester Gran Torino

Check Out Jerry & Sue Lesters'
1972 351 CJ Ford Gran Torino

Cro-Sal Olds 455

Oldsmobile's Twin Turbo
Can-Am Aluminum 455!

1959 Ramchargers High 7 Mighty

Ramchargers Stories - Part 04
The "High & Mighty"

1963 Pontiac 421 GP

Big Bad Boys - Muscle Cars
did not start with the 1964 GTO!

1963 Ford-Mercury 427

Ford's FE Big Block Story
Part 1 - 1958 through 1965

1972 44s W-30 Test

The Big Sleep: Performance in the
In-Between Years 1971-1982

1962 Max wedge 413

Chrysler's"RB" Wedge Development Through the Years

From the Automotive History Preservation Society's Collection
Message from the President, Eric White - The Society vs. Wild About Cars.

I'm Eric White, president of the Automotive History Preservation Society. I would like explain to the people who may come to our Home page some facts about the Society.

The first and most pertinent fact is that we are no longer partnered with Wild About Cars. WAC no longer exists. WAC was an organization that hosted the AHPS Digital Document Library online. WAC shared the philosophy of the free distribution of automotive information, for the sake of sharing. They made for a good partner with the AHPS, but, sadly, that is over.

As a result, things have changed drastically over the last two months - AHPS is now exclusively responsible for the entire cost of running the old WAC website. This is not a cheap proposition, especially so since we do not sell any products. We are a  donor/gift driven, not-for-profit model . . . Read the Rest of Eric's Message Here

The first Mustanf - 1965

The first Mustang was sporty, stylish and inexpensive - and
it's an icon that still looks good today.

2004 GTO Press Kit

The newest Mustang is contemporary in its approach, but Ford was careful to add cues to tie it back to the original.

1974 Mustang Mach 1

Try as they might, the 1974-78 Mustang was too much Pinto
and not enough Pony Car. What Iacocca accomplished with
the Falcon/Mustang clone, this car totally lacked.

1968 GTO Preview Invite

The Fox body car was a bit shaky on intro, with the Turbo 4
making more HP than the V8 - but by 1982 they had it right!

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Mustang: 50 Years on the Road

by Jesse Garcia, to the Society -
reprint with permission only

I’m probably the millionth person to write about Ford’s golden boy, the Mustang, but since April 17, 2014 was the day that America’s Pony turned 50 years old, feel it’s my turn to speak my peace. Ford hosted a huge birthday bash for the Mustang and every auto magazine or automotive writer wrote about the history of the car and how great the new 2015 model is going to be. So all summer long I sat on the sideline watching the feedback everyone was saying in regards to the car and it made me realize something.

The Mustang is like a bottle of Coca-Cola. People that love coke will freak out if a restaurant does not serve it, people that hate it will pour it down a sewer drain to make room for Pepsi, but everyone knows what a bottle of Coca-Cola looks like.

The Mustang has done what the Model B (Flathead V-8 Ford) did during the 1930’s, which was giving a generation a fun yet affordable means of transportation. What separates the two cars is the impact they had on pop culture, because it took the Model B another 20 years to accomplish what the Mustang did for America’s youth. The model B’s achieved legendary status the moment a returning WWII veteran decided to remove the fenders and add another carb to the flathead V8, but the Mustang achieved it the second it was introduced in 1964 at the World’s Trade Fair, New York City.

If America’s history could be measured in the life span of a human, the 1960’s would be the awkward and rebellious years between 13 and 16 years old. The election of JFK, almost starting a nuclear war with USSR (Russia for you younger readers), the Beatles starting a new wave of British fueled rock n roll, the Cold War coming to its peak just before cooling off as the Vietnam conflict heats up like a napalm drop, and the sexual revolution that became as the result of the new created birth control pill.

America was an awkward teen discovering new changes that it never had to deal with before and in the mist of this psychedelic era FoMoCo introduces a new sports sedan for the everyman which jump started yet another revolution for the history books.

The option list, along with a humble price tag, meant that a family of 4 could each have their own Mustang tailored to them:  You have the white, V8 powered 3-speed manual for dad, the baby blue straight six automatic for mom, a red convertible for Sally who’s going off to college, and in later years, a GT fastback for little Billy who likes to go draggin on the weekends. It gave the American consumer the luxury of optioning a car not seen since the Duesenberg, which was only limited to the higher social classes.

The Ford Mustang, (after the 1963 Pontiac V8 powered Tempest, but before the 1964 GTO respectably), started the famed “Pony Wars” later known by fans and historians as the Muscle Car Era. An era I think all Gearheads, regardless of preference, is thankful for. The Mustang even gave tuning legend Carroll Shelby a blank canvas to create some amazing Shelby branded ponies in the mid to late 60’s and early 70’s. 

Although the Mustang did stumbled during the 70’s and 80’s with the Mustang II, and awful four cylinder powered cars, it soon found redemption with a new body style in 1979 and new engine in 1982. The Fox body mustangs, named after the fox platform they were based on, was a facelift on the aging prince of FoMoCo. The European styling stuffed with a brand new 5.0 V8 was a combination beloved by both hot rodders and law enforcement, which they used to satisfy their acceleration addiction.

Some of you readers, who are umm let’s say vintage enough, can remember seeing certain members of the highway patrol cruising around interstates in police interceptor Mustangs used for high speed pursuits.

Fast forward to the turn of the century and the Mustang came to a full circle when it reignited the pony wars. The 2005 Mustang set the trend for retro styling muscle cars that gave a new generation their own chance to live through a muscle car era as well as giving the baby boomers a blast from the past flashback to the, “Good old days”.

It inspired Chevrolet to redesign their Camaro, Chrysler to bring back the Charger, Challenger (and technically the Dart) back from the dead. Even Mr. Carroll Shelby, may he rest in speed, had a chance to leave his final stamp of approval on the 2013 Shelby GT500 which boasted the more powerful V8 production engine, at the time, at over 600 horsepower . . .

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