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Wednesday November 5, 2014
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1954 Olds F-88 Sports Car
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1963 Ford-Mercury 427

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1962 Max wedge 413

Chrysler's"RB" Wedge Development Through the Years

From the Automotive History Preservation Society's Collection
Honorary Society Members - why we do it and why it's important to YOU.

As part of the Society's program to promote a restored or modified car as a significant part of "living automotive history" we are scouring the world for men and women who can make an impact in ensuring that we can enjoy what we do with cars into the future. We are granting them "Honorary Membership" in the Society - and when we can - telling you something about them and what they are actively doing to help us.

We are going to focus during this next month on women, because few really know about how some of them. Below is number one - Courtney Hansen. Next week we'll be telling you about Jessi Lang, so stay tuned.

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Courtney and Kurt Celebrate

Courtney Hansen and the Society's Vice President Kurt Shubert at SEMA where she received her honorary membership.

Courtney and her T-Bird

This promotion for SEMA's Action Network (SAN) utilized
Courtney's very own T-Bird - which she can be seen in all the time.
(She also owns a '7o Camaro Z/28)

What better spokesperson for the hobby could we have than Courtney? Thanks for all you do!

Courtney and Colby

Courtney and Colby Martin, SAN's Director. There is no more dedicated and tireless worker in protecting your right to own &
drive your hobby car than Colby. Give him a shout out for his work!

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SEMA 2014: Courtney, SAN and the Society

By Bob Gerometta – Society Operations Director

On the far left you will see a picture of us granting Honorary Society Membership to Courtney Hansen. For sure Courtney is easy on the eyes - BUT in no way does that have anything to do with this story. First and foremost, Courtney is a bona fide car nut who loves muscle and pony cars. Second, she is the best spokesperson one could have for preserving the hobby.

Lots of you will say; "Yeah, right, she poses next to some hot cars, but that ain't bein' part of the hobby." WRONG. Courtney's daily driver in good weather is a 1970 Camaro Z-28, and her fresh air cruiser is a '57 T-Bird that's pictured at left. Yes, they belong to her, she drive s ‘em and she's not afraid to wrench ‘em too.

So we have a good-looking woman who likes cars, so what, you say. Well, there's a lot more to it than that, because Courtney gets involved. Got a car show that needs promoting? Get a hold of Courtney. Want someone to speak out against goofy legislation that hurts the hobby? Ask Courtney. Want a solid, nice and thoughtful person to say hello to who can talk cars, go find Courtney.

OK, but that's not the whole story on Ms. Hansen - the main reason for this piece - of the thousands we could write about her -is her understanding and support of the efforts of the SEMA Action Network (SAN) and what that organization and its Director, Colby Martin are doing to see that the hobby can grow and prosper in the future.

From SEMA's website, here is what San is all about: The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is a nationwide partnership between enthusiasts, vehicle clubs and members of the automotive specialty equipment industry who have joined forces to promote hobby-friendly regulations and oppose unfair legislation.

With more than 39,000 members from all 50 states and Canada, the SAN is the premier organization defending the rights of vehicle enthusiasts. The SAN has proven to be effective through its members' passionate response to the hundreds of federal and state bills that directly affect all aspects of the automotive hobby. 

What SAN essentially does is to be a watchdog for the auto hobbyist, searching and actively lobbying to make sure that State and federal government doesn't legislate out hobby out of existence. Think we're being alarmist? Well, each year, government representatives propose bills that impact reconstructed, restored or modified vehicles. Some are innocuous, but some can put your car up on blocks, forever.

Most don't know about these laws, but that's SAN's job – to ferret them out and work to either get them killed or modified so that we can continue to enjoy our cars.

So seeing lovely Courtney standing by a SAN poster and signing autographs on a card promoting the effort isn't fluff – it's substance. And having her capable of talking up our hobby and even the Society's efforts to “preserve the past for the future” is really important. For regardless of the view you might have of good-looking women and cars this one is the real deal.

So if Courtney is talking cars, listen up, because she's one of us and she's doing whatever she can to promote and protect the hobby. Our hats are off to Ms. Hansen and SAN's Director Colby Martin for what they are doing behind the scenes and right out in front to let us enjoy what we do!

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