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Friday December 19, 2014
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The 1957 DeSoto Adventurer

1946-1961 DeSoto
A Great Brand Declines

The 1946 Hudson

Hudson 1946-1957
The Slow Demise

1950 Packard Convertible

Packard 1946-1958
The Post-War Story

Jessi and Kurt Celebrate AHPS

Jessi Lang - Sometimes Winning Comes in Short Little Laps.

Courtney and Kurt Celebrate

SEMA 2014: Courtney, SAN
and the Society.

1955 Olds F-88

1954 Olds F-88 Sports Car
Part Two - Why NOT the F-88??

The first Mustang- 1965

Mustang: 50 Years on the Road

1965 Pontiac 2+2 and GTO Ad

The Paper Chase Part 1
Selling the Sizzle

Morris 1959 Ford Fairlane

New Zealander Karyn Morris
shares her 1959 Ford with us!

1954 Olds F-88

1954 Olds F-88 Sports Car
Part One - Why the F88?

1963 Cobra Ad

The Cobra Story - a Focused View
into the 1963-67 Car

Cro-Sal Olds 455

Oldsmobile's Twin Turbo
Can-Am Aluminum 455!

1959 Ramchargers High 7 Mighty

Ramchargers Stories - Part 04
The "High & Mighty"

From the Automotive History Preservation Society
NOTE: "Orphan Brands" - 2015 Will Include Olds, Pontiac, Mercury and Plymouth!

The Society has a policy to emphasize the collection and preservation of the documentation for what are known as “orphan” brands. These are the automobile makes that are no longer with us—either because the company itself, such as Packard or Hudson, went out of business, or because a brand, such as DeSoto, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, or Plymouth, was dropped by a company that is still in business.

Starting in January we will begin with some famous brands that, for whatever reason, are no longer with us. We'll tell the story - starting after WW II on each and likely cut off - for now - by the mid-70s. Later we will take them all the way to the demise. Like DeSoto and the others we've already covered, we'll not only narrate how they did between 1946 and 1975. Just like before, we'll direct you to the original source material we have for further reading as well as the synopsis of each year with ID photos of each model. So sit back, we're going to give you a handful to digest starting next month.

To further understand the Automotive History Preservation Society and its goals - Click Here

July 1969 Car Life Magazine

Considered the best multiple Corvette test ever, the July 1969
issue of Car Life Magazine can be found in our Archive.

April 1955 Motor Trend

Our collection goes back to the early 50s right now.
This 1955 Motor Trend discusses the design of
the Cadillac Eldorado Show Car

Car Life - 1963 Indy 500

Much of the documentation of racing and other automotive competitive events can be found in period magazines

1966 Comparison of the Ford SOHC 427 and 426 Hemi

Magazines contain a wealth of technical information as this comparison of the Ford SOHC and Chrysler Hemi illustrates.

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The Treasures of the Society's Magazine Archive

By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

You may have noticed that we have been touting some neat articles in the Society’s Magazine Archive, in both Social Media or via this Newsletter, but it’s likely that you don’t know the reasoning behind our efforts and the nature of this collection as it relates to the Society’s mission.

To many, taking a look at old car magazine articles is an interesting walk down memory lane, but we at the Society have a more important reason in mind for collecting and digitalizing the material. Yes, we are primarily interest in original source material, like brochures, advertisements, factory publications, correspondence, and the like to preserve our automotive history. But there is a whole lot of material that is called “secondary sources” that researchers, writers, educators, and car nuts want to use to put together material on the history of the automobile.

As historians and archivists, we at the Society recognize that some of the best “feet on the ground” sources for a “back in the day” look at vehicles are car magazines.  After all, these publications were dedicated to telling their readers what the latest automotive trends, plans - and most important - how the vehicles performed in the real world.

These magazines also had a finger on the pulse of the enthusiast and consumer, and this is always told through reader letters and responses, trend projections, advertisements, race, and other event coverage, and repair or modification questions and articles. We think magazines are the best source for how the various brands and models were perceived back then.

Why they are considered secondary sources, however, is that, they might have gotten their facts wrong, they might have even been misled (the most famous case of that being the 1964 Pontiac GTO story in Car and Driver), or they might not have had the latest information when they published. Regardless, they still are a very solid window into the automobile back in the day.

That said, we have set up a mission to collect, digitize, and make available to you every single automobile magazine printed from 1946 through turn of the century. That is not to say that we won’t go back earlier or move forward past that date, but the project we’re outlining in this article already encompasses over 25 thousand magazines, 85 thousand articles, and well over one-half million digital images!

As a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving auto history, we have no desire to collect this material for any sort of re-publication for monetary gain, and we will actively police any attempts to use our Library’s materials for such purposes. We are collecting this information to preserve it, to see that it is not lost, and to make it available to historians, researchers, educators and hobbyists, period.

Of course, the small volunteer staff we have now can make only a dent in that huge number of magazines, but we are still pretty proud of our current accomplishments. We have already scanned a majority of the material in over a thousand magazines, comprising over four thousand articles and 20 thousand page images.

Yes, we are going to need help to expand our future efforts. There is a  ton of work involved including scanning and "clean up" of the material and loading it on the website, but we have a plan for this.

This plan involves enlisting the aid of educational institutions with an interest in preserving history to recruit students (for educational credit and perhaps even a small stipend for the work they do) and their teachers in parts of this huge project.

Where are we, and what are we doing right now

At this point, we have just enough resources to deliver the magazine and publication date, the cover image, table of contents, and the key articles in that issue.

We have revamped the way we display the magazine to include a “thumbnail” of each article in the magazine along with the article title and the PDF file. As part of that display, we have included the Table of Contents in digital image form as well as a listing of all of the articles found in the description of the magazine. Click HERE to see an example.

And we have developed a plan and proposal to approach various educational institutions in an effort to convince them to assist us in this project. We will have more to report on our success in this effort at the end of the first quarter of 2015.

If you are an educator, college administrator, or department head and may be interested in the project, please e-mail our Society President at . . .

To learn more about the Magazine Project - Click HERE

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