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Monday February 2, 2015
2015 North American International Auto Show Coverage! Our "Star" of the NAIAS Show! Tech, News, Period Ads, Road Tests, Brochures, & Magazines!

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From the Automotive History Preservation Society
2015 North American International Auto Show

2016 Ford GT
Ford stunned the show with an all-new Ford GT that will be available to the public in 2016.
A "race' version is in the offing as well.

Buick Avenir concept

Buick Avenir concept sedan

1932 Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Racer

The 1932 Alfa Romeo Gran Premio 159 was part of Alfa's
historical display. Many do not realize that Alfa was
a leader in GP racing in the 30s

2015 Chevrolet Colorado ZR-2

Chevrolet displayed their 2015 Colorado in off-road ZR-2 trim

2015 Mustang GT350R

The Top performance Mustang GT350 in R (race) clothing.

By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

The floor of the Cobo Convention Center in downtown Detroit is ready for the first Press Day of the 2015 North American International Auto Show. All the cars are in their places. Scattered covered vehicles await their turn at the numerous spotlight unveilings. Five-thousand media types, and a couple thousand various industry-related persons are credentialed for the first two days of the event.

It's Monday, January 12th, and the weather outside is not too bad, for Detroit in the first month of a northern winter that is. The roads are snow-covered and treacherous, making for a three-hour trip that normally takes one and a half hours. Inside the hall, spotlights are positioned, stages dressed, and seating is arranged for the upcoming ten hours of press conferences, introductions and reveals. The day starts at 6:30 A.M., and the last press conference runs to 4:35 P.M.

It's a normal process for me to not follow the masses from stage to stage for each unveiling. I find that by letting the journalistic masses congeal around the current reveal, the congestion around the other displays is much relieved. This results in better photo opportunities. Still, there are the unthinking or uncaring attendees who refuse to recognize a guy with a camera. All part of the job.

After two days of inspecting and photographing the industry’s latest gems of sheet metal sculpture, conducting interviews with various automotive industry personalities, chasing a very hectic schedule of over fifty vehicle reveals press conferences located at far-flung corners of Cobo’s vast upper-level display floor can really wear a fellow out. But what an enormous feast to serve up on a car guy’s plate?

History is always a draw
Historical heritage is always a good draw to any manufacturer's display. Ford presented one of the largest display areas, yet showed us relatively few vehicles. A large portion of its display ground was devoted to entertaining and feeding the attendees. And as with last year, an overhead observation deck featured display cases touting Ford’s racing history via dialog panels and exquisitely detailed scale models of Ford racing vehicles.

Ranging from Henry’s stripped-down #999 land speed racer through modern day NASCAR replicas, this was a unique and educational display of FOMOCO competition history. Historic vehicles on display on the main floor included a 1966 GT-40, 1966 Shelby Mustang GT-350, 1966 F-150 dressed in full Baja regalia, and a 2006 Ford GT.

Alfa Romeo made use of its history as well, during the introduction of its new 4C series coupe and Spyder. Past racing legends like the: 1932 Gran Premio B P3, 1951 Alfetta 159, and 1967 33 Stradale reminded all of the rich racing past of Alfa Romeo.

Acura's NSX made headlines
The return of Acura’s supercar model, the NSX, brought with it some of the event’s best promotional items in the form of an limited edition media kit (currently selling on Ebay for over $150) and 1/64th scale "Hot Wheel-type" die cast replica (currently selling in the $30-40 range).

The Press gets some special looks
During preview week, the press has its special displays and media kits, while a week later, the public gets a more rational take on new-car offerings. At that time, all of the presentation stages are gone, replaced with expanded floor displays of new-car fare. Media kits are replaced with dealer sales brochures.

The number of product specialists is stepped up a bit to meet the ten-fold increase in daily demand of an inquiring public. All of the current models (with the strange exception of Chevy's SS) are on exhibition for attendees to try on for size, and perhaps a swift kick on the tire and slam of the door.

Attendance = Awesome
This year total public attendance for eight days exceeded 800,000. The whole rigmarole comes back to Detroit in mid-January 2016. I'll be there—several times.

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