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Wednesday January 25, 2018
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1998 Pontiac Trans Am Ad
The Performance Car Chronicles: 2010 - the Present: All Hell is Breaking Loose!

1998 Pontiac Trans Am Ad
The Performance Car Chronicles: 1992-2000 The Heat is On!

Mustang GT
The Performance Car Chronicles - 1982-1992 - Is that Performance I hear?

1972 Olds 442 W-30
The Performance Car Chronicles - 1971-75 - Muscle cars didn't die -
they just faded away!

1970 Chevrolet SS-454
The Performance Car Chronicles - 1970 - Screaming the loudest
before you die!

1968 Pontiac GTO
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1969 Boss 302 Ad
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1955 GTO Road Test
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1955 Thunderbird Brochure
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1956 Plymouth Belvedere
The Plymouth 1955-1960 : The "Forward Look" Years Detailed

1962 Pontiac Grand Prix
Pontiac 1959-1962: From Wide Track Performance to the Grand Prix

1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser 4-door
Mercury 1954-1958: Growing from
an Upscale Ford to a Baby Lincoln

1958 Cadillac Series 60 Special
Cadillac 1954-1958 - Showing it
was "The Standard of the World"

2018 Mecum Kissimmee, Florida Collector Car Auction

Mecum 2018 Kissimmee Auction

Mecum Kissimmee's roster of 3000+ vehicles included classics from Detroit’s Big Three as well as sports cars,
vintage trucks, and super exotics - like this 2006 Ford GT that sold for $319,000!

Seward 40 Ford Pickup width=


Vic & Becky Seward's 1940 Ford Pickup!

By Society Staff - Reprint with permission only.

Sometimes you are rewarded by more than just eye catching paint. Such was the case with Vic & Becky Seward’s 1940 ford Pick-up. No Limits was stopped in our tracks when we came upon this fantastic pick up painted in 2002 Chevrolet Extreme Space Blue.

It jumped out in the sun and said .. “Check me out”. So we did and got a whole lot more than we anticipated. Vic got this truck in 1997 and finished it in 2002. During that 5 year span, he customized and added details that knock your socks off.

We’ll start with the drive train. The frame has a Mustang II front suspension and a Ford 9” rear with 3.83:1 gears. Disc brakes on all 4 corners help stop this beauty. The frame cradles a small block Chevy 350 mated to a TH350 and rides on 17” wheels all around.

Now let’s look at that gorgeous blue body. The top of the cab has been chopped 2” and looks “just right”. Now the details begin to be seen. At the front, the truck sports ’41 Ford headlamps (they have the marker lights on the bezel) and ‘41 Ford hood trim. This trim closes the gap between the hood and grill and with a small custom made insert finish off the front cleanly.

Going down the side, the doors are keyless and Vic has made custom metal running boards that cover the side mounted spare tire well for a super clean look.

For tail lights, Vic adapted Honda Accord rear speaker grills for tail and brake lights. These are molded into the rear of the cab below the window. Super trick !

The bed itself is a beautiful polished wood and stainless piece that is covered by an aluminum bed topper. When closed, the bed topper continues the flawless lines of the truck. Under that bed is a 20 gal. stainless steel gas tank.

Another amazing detail that Vic developed is the use of GM seat belt buckles for latches to hold the tailgate closed. Super cool and somehow fitting given all the details in this truck.

Read the rest of the story HERE,

Those are Honda Accord speaker grills that are now tail & brake lights!

The interior is as trick as the rest of the truck - note the period looking gauges and the chrome A/C outlets.

Story Courtesy of e-Classic Autos
Reprint with permission only.

Mecum's 10-day auction in Kissimmee, FL wrapped up on Sunday, January 14th with another full day of fast-paced bidding. Known for its emphasis on muscle cars, Mecum Kissimmee's roster of 3000+ vehicles included classics from Detroit’s Big Three (Ford, MOPAR, and GM), as well as sports cars, vintage trucks, and a large gathering of super exotics.

One of the biggest “Mecum Moments” happened with the sale of two rare 1969 COPO Camaro ZL1s, the 18th and 30th built of this legendary quarter-mile demon. Other highlights of the auction were the offering of two original Shelby Cobras, including the last 289-equipped car sold.

A special offering was the first 1970 Challenger and Cuda to roll off the assembly line, both convertibles with 440 3-deuce power plants and the iconic pistol grip 4-speed.

Mecum's docket also consisted of a fabulous group of original vintage race cars that graced the covers of leading hot rod magazines back in the day. .

But, it didn't stop there, as even more star cars crossed the block, including Hemi Cudas, a Hemi Superbird, Boss 429s, a L88 Corvette, Ferraris, and even a late model Bugatti. Bids and sales for several of these cars passed the 7-figure mark.

In addition to the mega auction, there were thousands of Road Art offerings -- including automobilia, petroliana and more, as well as "Dodge Thrill Rides" and live outdoor entertainment. It was party time in the Sunshine State all week.

Historic Race Cars:
In the 1960s, during the “Golden Days” of drag racing, factory-looking cars with big engines and lightweight bodies ruled the quarter mile. Winning cars (and drivers) became legends during their championship seasons. Fast forward more than 50 years later, and Mecum assembled a stellar collection of these historically significant race cars - no tributes, just originals. They've been faithfully restored to their glory days, some even featuring paint-brushed lettering, a truly lost art form.

Exotic Cars:
There was a significant increase in the number of Exotic Cars offered at this year's auction in Kissimmee, compared to previous Mecum auctions. It's always interesting to see one of these high-end cars up close and hear the excitement of the audience when they roll down the auction block

The quality and quantity of vehicles at Mecum Kissimmee 2018 was simply amazing. To see complete coverage of the event, click HERE.

1969 Mustang Boss 429

This 1969 Boss 429, one of the most sought after Ford Mustangs - sold for $275,000.

A pair of 1969 COPO Camaros

These two ultra-rare 1969 Chevrolet COPO Camaro ZL1s sold for $1,210,000!

Historic Race Cars

Mecum assembled a stellar collection of historically significant race cars - no tributes, only originals - Like Dick Landy's AFX Dodge!


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