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Wednesday, May 2, 2018
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Early Magazine Find for the Society Library - Featured Car: 1948 Extended Cab GMC pick-up - Flowtech Releases New Raptor Chambered Mufflers

Classic Industries buys California Mustang

Found - 25 Motor Life magazines from 1952-57 in excellent condition!

by No Limits Staff

One of the Board Members for the AHPS made a great find -- 25 Hop/Motor Life magazines from 1953 - 1956 The magazines are in excellent condition and are in the process of being scanned and added to our Eric White Digital Library.

Hop Up/Motor Life (named Motor Life beginning in 1955) was one of the best auto enthusiast magazines in the early 50's and was as popular as Hot Rod.

When all are loaded, they will be an excellent addition to the magazine archive of our library.

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1948 Extended Cab GMC

A GMC with a little friend - Larry Hammon's 1948 Extended Cab GMC pick-up and
matching 34 Ford trailer

by Society Staff - Seen at 2018 Piston powered show

We like trucks at No Limits and when we came upon Larry Hammon's beautiful black and cream extended cab 1948 GMC pick-up AND a matching 1934 Ford trailer, we had to know more. Larry is an amateur work-at-home fabricator and customizer and built this stunning 48. Larry's inspiration was his 1977 Ford F250 extended cab pick-up (which he still owns). He selected a 1948 for two reasons: First, when he acquired the truck 15 years ago, vehicles manufactured up to 1948 were the only ones allowed in the National Street rod Association's shows (this has since been changed) and second, Larry likes the look of the 48 GMC over the same year Chevy.

He purchased the truck from a Wisconsin owner and it was in pretty good shape according to Larry. Once home, Larry began the customization. The truck cab was stretched 22 inches to accommodate the extension. The extended body sits on a 1980 Pontiac Trans Am sub frame with a Chevy 350 and TH/350 engine and trans combo for power. The rear is a Chevy 10 bolt and Larry installed 4-wheel disc brakes all around.

To read more about Larry Hammon's 1948 Extended cab GMC pick-up - click here


Flowtech Releases New Raptor Chambered Mufflers
Raptor Chambered Mufflers

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of Flowtech's all-new Raptor line of chambered mufflers, which feature a welded-baffle design that delivers a deep, throaty exhaust note and increased performance and fuel economy.

Designed specifically for street and high-performance applications, they're available with 2.00-, 2.25-, 2.50-, and 3.00-inch inlet/outlet openings and feature a compact 13x9x4-inch case design with numerous inlet/outlet options to fit literally hundreds of different vehicles. They're manufactured from aluminized steel, MIG-welded for long-term durability, and reduce interior resonance and exhaust drone while supplying a deep exhaust growl at full throttle.  

Click here for complete product details for Flowtech Raptor Chambered Mufflers
Society Store

The AHPS announces the opening of our new store!

The new AHPS store contains the original hard paper material we have digitized and stored on the website. This material includes magazines, manufacturer's brochures and advertisements donated to the Society by people who recognized that our mission is critical to the preservation of automotive history.

Also, certain members have created and donated pictures, posters, and other automotive memorabilia for us to sell to raise funds. All materials are sold to raise money to operate the website. We are a 501 c3 not for profit.

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