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Wednesday, June 27, 2018
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Society Attends SEMA Town Hall Meeting
Stephen Cox Blog: Rebuilding My Totally-Not-Collectible Mustang, Part III
Featured Car: 1967 Pontiac GTO - Featured Product: Spring Isolators

Society at SEMA Town Hall
  Chris Keserling - President & CEO of SEMA (left)
with Kurt Shubert President of AHPS

The Society attends a SEMA Town Hall Meeting June 7, 2018 at Flaming River Industries, Berea, OH

by No Limits Staff

As members of SEMA, the Automotive History Preservation Society strives to participate in as many SEMA activites as possible. Our President, Kurt Shubert attended the SEMA Town Hall Meeting held at the facilities of Flaming River Industries in Berea, OH. 

SEMA's Town Hall Meetings provide both members and prospective members with the opportunity to learn about the Association's current programs and objectives while networking with automotive aftermarket professionals from the same geographic region. These personal interactions give members a chance to share the business challenges and opportunities they face. As SEMA staff interacts with attendees, they also gain valuable feedback which helps identify how current benefits can enhance members' business operations to better meet their needs.

There was a comprehensive tour of Flaming River Industries and a generous spread of catered food provided by our hosts.

To see some photos of the meeting - click HERE

Stephen Cox's 1980 Mustang
Stephen Cox Blog: Rebuilding My Totally-Not-Collectible Mustang, Part III

A Stephen Cox blog - Presented by McGunegill Engine Performance 

Ford Motor Company built 128,893 Mustang coupes during the 1980 model year, making my Medium Blue Glow four cylinder example anything but rare. I bought the car when I was seventeen and it was my primary transportation for a decade. It now has nearly a quarter of a million miles on the odometer. 

Since the car has little value, I figure there's no point in selling it. I might as well rebuild the car into what Ford would and should have created had it not been for the interference of federal regulators. I started with the engine; the heart and soul of any automobile.

This is the third installment of my long term project-- the car is "on the ground"
 and running -- and it runs good . . .

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1967 Pontiac GTO

John Whaley's 1967 Pontiac GTO - Both Born in the Same Month!

by Society Staff

No Limits believes that the 1967 Pontiac GTO is one of the finest examples of "muscle cars" of the 60's. When we spied John Whaley's beautiful Guards Red GTO- we knew we had a Featured Car.

Two things are impressive on this car -1. John did all the work (including paint) himself and 2. This car was manufactured in Fremont CA on his birthday month and has never left Alameda County!
To read more about John Whaley's 1967 Pontiac GTO - click here


Recapture Your Fairlane's Factory Stance & Ride with New isolators for leaf & coil springs
Ford Fairlane Spring Isolators

New to the EATON spring line are front coil spring isolators (FRI300) and rear spring top and bottom isolators (FRI26) for 1962-'65 Ford Fairlane models. Both are now available for shipment.

"Our leaf and coil springs are trusted by professional restoration artists and hot rod builders the world over," said Mike Eaton of EATON Detroit Spring. "Why? Because we manufacture our leaf springs true to the original blueprint right here in Detroit."

EATON Detroit Spring offers Fairlane suspension parts for 157 year, body style and engine size combinations, available for online ordering. Stock, raised and lowered ride heights can be selected for most applications, and the pros at EATON will also help choose the proper shocks for every setup, ensuring a smooth ride with the proper stance. Every spring install also needs fresh attaching parts to finish the job right. EATON supplies bundled installation kits for models including the Ford Fairlane that feature the proper bushings, shackles, U-bolts and more.

The company's complete line of replacement and custom leaf and coil springs are designed from the original factory blueprints, and customizable to meet special needs. They are made with SAE 5160 high-alloy spring steel and shot-peened for longer life. EATON Detroit Spring has been manufacturing springs in Michigan since 1937, with a catalog of more than 150,000 stock applications plus a full custom design staff.

Society Store

The AHPS announces the opening of our new store!

The new AHPS store contains the original hard paper material we have digitized and stored on the website. This material includes magazines, manufacturer's brochures and advertisements donated to the Society by people who recognized that our mission is critical to the preservation of automotive history.

Also, certain members have created and donated pictures, posters, and other automotive memorabilia for us to sell to raise funds. All materials are sold to raise money to operate the website. We are a 501 c3 not for profit.

Click HERE to go to our store.

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