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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Goodguys PPG Nationals - Featured Car: 1965 Ford Falcon
New Product - Sniper EFI Releases "HyperSpark" Ignition System

Goodguys 25th Summer Get Together

Goodguys PPG Nationals - July 6-8 , 2018 - Columbus, OH

by  Staff

Your Independence Day celebrations didn't have to end on July 4th - not if you decided to extend your festivities by attending the 21st Annual Goodguys' PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH. After all, what could be more American than celebrating the automobile? 

As many as 6,000 American made or powered Rods, Classics, Customs, Muscle Cars, and Trucks were on display at the Ohio State Expo Center. And, this year, Goodguys made the party even bigger, by including '87 and older models on Friday and Saturday, but their All-American Sunday welcomed all years, as in the past.

To read all about the 2018 Goodguys PPG Nationals and see great pictures - click HERE

1965 Ford Falcon

One very nasty bird! Paul Fitzsimmons' 1965 Ford Falcon

by Society Staff

At the recent Goodguys 25th Summer Get-together, we spied (and heard !) this red stock body steel  1965 Falcon Futura with a mean sounding  blown engine rumbling under that hood. We looked for the owner to get the full story, but alas, kept missing him. However, the car was selected on Sunday as one of the Goodguys "Picks" for special recognition. We could therefore get a good look at it and take a bunch of pics. Here's what we could see:
The Falcon Future is an all steel body with stunning red paint and factory Futura trim. The stock grill and bumpers are polished to perfection.  Examining the exterior we see the tubbed rear wheel housings holding massive Hoosier rear tires on Weld wheels. Matching Weld wheels up front on the slightly dropped front end. Ignoring the blower for the moment (and that's hard to do !) Factory Mustang style replica "351" fender badges tell the truth of the engine residing in the car . . .


To read more about Paul Fitzsimmons' 1965 Ford Falcon - click here


Sniper EFI Releases HyperSpark Ignition System
Hyperspark Ignition

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of HyperSpark Ignition from Sniper EFI, which has been developed with one goal in mind: to make it easy to add ignition-timing control to virtually any Sniper EFI application. Available for multiple Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler engines, it's a complete system, including a high output CD ignition box, billet distributor, and coil.

Engineered for a simple plug-and-play installation with Sniper EFI, the ignition box produces 535 volts of primary voltage all the way up to 12,000 RPM and is sealed and powdercoated for a long life in even the harshest environments. The coil sends 45,000 volts to the plug, ensuring complete fuel combustion, and comes complete with an integrated mounting bracket for a fast, easy installation.

The HyperSpark distributor housing is made of billet aluminum and includes a Hall Effect crank-signal sensor for a noise-free signal to your Sniper EFI ECU. A patented clear installation cap makes phasing the distributor virtually foolproof, and a pre-terminated ignition coil connector eliminates the chance of any loose connections.

To see just how easy the HyperSpark Ignition System is to install and use, click here.

Society Store

The AHPS announces the opening of our new store!

The new AHPS store contains the original hard paper material we have digitized and stored on the website. This material includes magazines, manufacturer's brochures and advertisements donated to the Society by people who recognized that our mission is critical to the preservation of automotive history.

Also, certain members have created and donated pictures, posters, and other automotive memorabilia for us to sell to raise funds. All materials are sold to raise money to operate the website. We are a 501 c3 not for profit.

Click HERE to go to our store.

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