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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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Danville's August Hot Summer Sunday's car show
Featured Car: Lou Manzo's 1966 Shelby GT350-S - clone

Danville Hot Summer Sundays Show

Danville's August Hot Summer Sunday's car show - August 19, 2018

by No Limits Staff

This is the second of two Hot Summer Sunday's car shows in Danville. They put on one in July and a second in August. No Limits had so much fun at the July show we registered in advance for the August show. 

As before, the folks had a great organization to funnel cars on to Hartz Avenue and side streets for the show. Starting at 7:00 AM, we lined up and rolled on in.. Had a great spot near another 1967 442 owned by Paul from Fremont with a yellow Lamborghini in between us. What a set ! 

A fine morning and afternoon spent talking cars, taking photos and having some good eats. This is what a local car show should be. Well done Danville . . .

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1966 Shelby GT350-S

A Supercharged re-creation - Lou Manzo's 1966 Shelby GT350-S clone

by Society Staff

Back-in-the-day you could buy a Shelby GT350 and drive the wheels off of it. No more ! The "investor/collector" crowd has made these cars unaffordable to most and they certainly don't drive them.

One way to enjoy the feeling and experience of a GT350 is to clone one from a stock Mustang fastback. This is exactly what Lou Manzo did. But he went one better. He added a Paxton supercharger to his 66 just like Shelby did on a handful of 66 GT350's. Now Lou has all the fun and power-- without the "investor worry". Once more-- this car is an exact clone is every way. . .

To read more about Lou Manzo's 1966 Shelby GT350-S clone - click here

AHPS License Plate

Special Editorial Section - Notices & Corrections - by the Editors of No Limits

A shout out to CARSTARS AUTO BODY REPAIR  FRANCHISE PARTNERS --Franchise Partners' Generosity Hits New Levels at the Annual CARSTAR North American Conference

CARSTAR franchise partners, vendors and insurance leaders from both the U.S. and Canada came together this week at the annual North American conference and raised an astonishing $230,000 for cystic fibrosis research, care and advocacy.  Read all about the CARSTAR Momentum - click here 

Goodguys 32nd West Coast Nationals - A Correction

No Limits needs to make a correction to our story on the 32nd West Coast Nationals.

Due to "faulty typing fingers" we incorrectly stated the "cut-off" year for cars entered at the West Coast Nationals.  Goodguys limits cars and trucks to pre-1972 models at the Nationals.

We apologize for the error.


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Also, certain members have created and donated pictures, posters, and other automotive memorabilia for us to sell to raise funds. All materials are sold to raise money to operate the website. We are a 501 c3 not for profit.

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